Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Thanks for all your concern!! I don't have internet at my house, so when I last updated I had gone down the street to my cousin's and when I got back I didn't feel well and my blood pressure had gone up really high, so I decided to not do that anymore. I've been checking my email on my cell and saw that people had left comments and emails wanting updates, so I dragged out my dusty six year old laptop that I thought was pretty much dead, hooked it up to my phone line, and am currently blogging away on dial up. Shew! Do you guys remember dial up days? Sooooo slow! Unfortunately my connection is too slow to read everyone's blogs, so I'm so far behind!! Okay, so as for bedrest and blood pressure: Everything is going well. The bedrest seems to be working keeping my blood pressure down to a reasonable level. My bottom number lingers around 90 most of the time, which is high but definitely nothing to be too concerned about. As long as I stay on bedrest, hopefully my blood pressure will stay in that region, and I'll get ostay out of the hospital and Luke will come naturally. My doctor says that they won't induce unless things get really bad. I've been doing alot of reading and have some "tv on dvd" seasons to keep me occupied, plus I can float in my pool so that keeps my spirits up- getting out in the sun and getting some fresh air and a little color on my skin. I've also been kind of mapping out how I want to do Luke's scrapbook, and coming up with page ideas. So, I'm 36 1/2 weeks now, 3 1/2 more weeks at the most to go! My mom has been so wonderful. She comes and cooks a couple days a week and keeps me company. Tommy has been awesome, too. I just can't wait to meet this litle trouble maker!! His heartbeat sounds good, he's still moving all the time, and I believe he's perfectly healthy. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get faster internet installed ASAP, so hopefully by next week I'll be fully connected.
Oh! One more crazy thing! I know I blogged before about the three baby girls on my street... turns out there's one more!! Another house across the street from me is getting ready to have a baby girl!! 5 out of 7 houses all within maybe 200-300 yards of each other either pregnant or with brand new infants. I can't get over it! I'm thinking about dropping notes in their mailboxes just sharing my information, asking for theirs, and asking if they mind if I share it with everyone else so that if anyone needs anything or wants to take a walk or get together to play we can hook up. Everyone around here is pretty private, but I just can't imagine 5 new mommies so close together being complete strangers.
Hope you're all having a great summer! Have a good weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Minor Setback

At my doctor's appointment last Thursday my blood pressure was up again, for the second week in a row, so the nurse practitioner who I was seeing decided to send me over to the hospital for what was supposed to be 4-5 hours of blood pressure monitoring. 48 hours later, I was released from the hospital on strict bedrest until the end of my pregnancy! So, the past week has been an interesting one. My blood pressure went down while in the hospital and has stayed at a reasonable number since I've been on bedrest. My discharge orders from my doctor at the hospital were bathroom and shower only. The rest of the time I should be laying down. But, at my follow up appointment this past Tuesday, the nurse practitioner gave me slightly more lenient rules. So, I'm confused now and trying to stay somewhere in the middle of the two instructions, but definitely more on the safe side, because I want to keep Luke in here and safe as long as possible. I've had lots of visitors and lots of good meals cooked for me and Tommy, and Tommy has been absolutely wonderful. So, everyone, please keep Luke in your prayers and hope that he stays cooking at least until 37 weeks! My next appointment is Wednesday the 15th, so I'll try to get on and update again.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catch Up

I haven't really posted anything in a while, so let me think... what's been going on? Last week at the doctors my blood pressure was high (150/99) so I have another appointment today so they can follow up. I think it was just a fluke thing because my dad has a nice digital blood pressure checker and I've checked at work a couple days and it's been normal.

I have become SO uncomfortable lately. I whine and whine and at night I toss and turn and groan and moan. I'm starting to think in "glass half empty" terms like "I still have so far to go!" instead of "I'm so close!" I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, but am finding it harder and harder.

We had our first childbirth class on Tuesday. It was pretty interesting. I feel like alot of the stuff is common knowledge for the average pregnant woman, especially with all the information easily accessed on the internet, and keeping up with reading "What to Expect" and other pregnancy books. Alot of the information seems like it would be necessary for someone completely ignorant on pregnancy and childbirth... like my husband :) I think he picked up on a few things, and watching the birthing video affected him more than I thought it would. His words were "that was disgusting." I guess he's not one to view it as beautiful. I'm sure things will be different when it's his own son though. Week three is a tour of the labor and delivery ward, so we'll definitely stick it out through then, but then I might have to skip out on the last two. Two hours is a long time to be sitting, especially after sitting at work most of the day and being in an uncomfortable chair.

My mom wanted to buy me a rocking chair or glider as her gift to me and Luke. We went shopping last night and started at Babies R Us where nothing really caught my eye. I didn't really want an off white or beige chair because I'm worried about it getting too dirty, which was evidenced by the floor models in the store. They were all filthy! Plus lots of them were showing wear on the cushions, like on the armrests. I mean, if they're worn down just from being sat in in the store, how long would it take for mine to get worn down at home? Everything I liked seemed too expensive for what you were getting, so we went over to Burlington. Again, a couple that were okay, but nothing that I fell in love with. We ended up going to Value City Furniture and they only had one glider and it was really ugly, but it was right next to the recliners, so we decided to check them out. I ended up with this cute little recliner that rocks. It's a nice camel color and it's the micro suede fabric that you can just wipe down with a wet cloth. Luke's room is getting a little crowded, so it'll be the perfect addition to our living room. We get to pick it up next Saturday and I can't wait! It's been so hard getting off our deep couch lately, I can't wait to have a different seat alternative. It was such a great find, I'm really glad I didn't settle on one of the busted gliders from the baby stores!

Here's the last piece of furniture for Luke's room. I've decided I'm the worst photographer ever... all my pictures are crooked. But anyways, putting this together on Monday was an adventure. Tommy did probably 90% of the work, but I helped a little bit :) I love it, it's very spacious and hopefully will last a long time!

My belly this morning- 33 1/2 weeks getting so big!

some outfits I picked up on Father's Day, all Daddy related of course!