Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mad House!

Our house has been exactly that for the past few weeks.  I just feel like I never make any progress in any area.  Alot of it definitely has to do with my lack of energy, and only sticking with a task for a short amount of time before I decide I would rather be laying down or lounging.  I really hope I’ll be able to get back into some type of routine after Dylan is born.  Anyways, I’ve been trying to work on Luke’s room, but it’s just a constant hot mess.  Dylan will be moving into Luke’s current room, and Luke is moving into the spare bedroom.  We did get the double bed out of there, and Luke’s toddler bed put together.  He’s laid down in it to test it out a couple of times, but he hasn’t slept in there yet because the room isn’t Luke friendly yet.  Here he is laying in it for the first time.

 IMG_3835 IMG_3836 IMG_3837 IMG_3838

He seemed to really like it!


Here he is in his crib with what he has to be put to bed with now… books!  He’s never been attached to a blanket or stuffed animal, but for the last few weeks he definitely wants books in his crib with him at all times. 

Another reason why Luke’s room is such a mess right now is because it’s still my sewing room.  Here is Dylan’s finished quilt

IMG_3720 IMG_3719

and here is the quilt I’m working on for Luke.  I still have a couple hours of work to do


I originally wanted to make quilts that matched their bedding, but couldn’t find fabric I liked, so they pretty much got what was on clearance :) 

I know it will all come together, I just have to think about where all of this stuff can go where it’s still accessible but not cluttering up another space.  Wish me luck!!

Blogger Baby Shower

Thanks blogger mamas for throwing me an awesome shower at Panera!!  You are all far too generous, and baby Dylan has certainly already been spoiled rotten! 


the group


Mandi feeding baby Jax


Brandy and sweet baby Maisy


Mikayla acting shy


the last two!  Good luck next week Angela!!


Carrie and Ryan’s Wedding

On Friday my oldest sister Carrie got married!  Carrie changed her wedding plans probably no less than 15 times.  She just could not make up her mind.  She finally decided that a fussy wedding just wasn’t for her, and decided to do the courthouse in D.C. where she and Ryan live. 


Bonnie gave Carrie the champagne flutes she’s been eyeing for 10 years


we got manis and pedis


I did Carrie’s hair


they said “I do!”


sealed with a kiss


and then we were off to Morton’s



Delicious cake.  It was strawberry lemonade on the bottom and gingersnap in the middle



cute crab cookie favors



cutting the cake


being silly


the star of the show!

DSC_0316 DSC_0270 DSC_0311

notice how he always had a delicious treat in his hands.  I just let him have whatever he wanted all day to keep him happy… one day of spoiling won’t hurt, right?

Congratulations Carrie and Ryan!  It was a beautiful day and I’m so happy it turned out exactly how you wanted!  I’m so thankful for my sisters and the relationship we have!  Love you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another OC Weekend!

Just wanted to do a quick post about our weekend at the beach! We arrived late Thursday night and headed to the beach on Friday.

I seem to always get a picture of Luke pointing with a shovel...

heading into the water with Daddy and Uncle Jas

playing football with Aunt Brit

collecting shells on Daddy's leg

Friday night we went to the boardwalk and Luke rode some rides! This is before the merry-go-round started moving... as soon as it started moving he wigged and Tommy had to hold him the whole time.

He also rode some fire trucks which mildly amused him, and the "fairy whip" which is kind of like a baby tilt a whirl. He liked it for about 8 "whips" and then was over it! Luckily he was the only kid on the ride, so as soon as that lip went out the operator stopped it immediately and let him off!

This was Saturday at Assateague. Baby AJ had a great time

and took a nice nap with her Aunt Katie

Sunday we didn't do much during the day and then headed to Katie's house in Salisbury for a cookout. Katie gave him a tiny ice cream cone. Perfect size for him!

Monday on our way out we stopped at the Salisbury Zoo with Katie, Chris, Amanda, Kevin, and Andrea.
Luke and me with a flamingo background

Luke and Daddy checking out the bear

getting acquainted with his new toys from the zoo gift shop.

We had such a great weekend. I was actually hesitant to go because I've been so tired lately, but I'm SO happy I went because our two beach days were perfect and relaxing and beautiful!! And, we had some really great times with our friends and family!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meeting Maisy!

We headed to Colonial Beach to spend some time with Brandy, Ryder, and new baby Maisy today!!  She is so adorable!  My favorite part about this teeny tiny little chunk is her hair!  The pictures I’ve seen just do not show that it looks like little miss has already been to the salon and gotten some highlights.  When you first look at her hair it just looks like a head full of dark hair.  Look closely and you see lots of natural blonde highlights.  Beautiful!
IMG_3801 IMG_3799 IMG_3800

Luke and Ryder played well together, even though Luke totally has no concept of sharing yet. 

Then Ryder shocked and impressed us by reading Maisy Goes Shopping.  He has almost memorized the whole book! 

Just a Few Pictures…

Luke’s first full blown temper tantrum!  He gathered a bunch of stuff up in a bag, then decided to dump it in the middle of the kitchen floor.  He then refused to pick it up and threw the tantrum of all tantrums!

IMG_3749 IMG_3748

He ended up cleaning it up… with only a little help from Mommy.

Luke has been sitting in a booster at the kitchen table instead of his high chair for about a week now.  He’s doing really well!

IMG_3753 IMG_3750

Not sure what’s up with the way he bit those cucumbers :)

He’s getting to the phase where he doesn’t want his picture taken all the time.  Here he is kicked back watching Elmo telling me “NO!” because I’m taking his picture.