Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Wild Man"

Yesterday during my ultrasound Luke was flipping, rolling, and covering his face the whole time. At one point the tech had a really good shot of his face and just as she was freezing the frame to get a picture he rolled completely over really fast and she said "He's a Wild Man!!" So, Tommy says "awww, you just gave him a new nickname." A baby boy... what have I gotten myself in to???

Friday, April 24, 2009

Luke's Room

So here's Luke's painted room. I think Tommy did a really good job. I helped tape a little, but that's about it. I draped his quilt and sheet from his bedding set on the chair. Those are little turtles on the sheet and obviously turtles on the quilt. I think Luke will approve :) Now, we just need to get some furniture in there! I'm taking Sarah, my expert on all things Mommy, to register with me this weekend. Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Odds and Ends...

This weekend was a busy busy one! Saturday morning I got to watch my two favorite girls, Katie and Claire. I have no idea how Sarah does it! Katie is 19 months and Claire is 4 months! If Katie hadn't taken a nice long nap for the majority of the time I was there, I would have been pulling my hair out! It was a nice preview of days to come :) We got paint for Luke's room and Tommy has gotten the trim and the top half of the room done. The top half is a baby blue and the bottom is a dark tan color. We also got some work done in the flower beds. Just a few flowers planted and mulch and weed killer put down. Luckily we had our niece and nephew there to labor with us :) I'm looking forward to the weather this weekend! It's going to be hot and sunny and I will definitely be having a mini cookout. Tommy's going to have some guys over to watch the NFL draft with him. It's the beginning of football talk for the next six months... oy...

I'm thinking about registering this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions? Things you can't live without? Things you got but could have done without? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Monday, April 13, 2009


We went to my Great Aunt Dot's for Easter in Silver Spring. It was a nice relaxing day with some delicious food! I can't wait to have Luke for next Easter. Whether that kid likes it or not, he's getting put in an Easter basket for a photo shoot! :) Just a few family pictures. You can see my belly has popped a little.

Just the five of us- my parents and sisters Carrie and Bonnie

with Tommy, Ryan (Carrie's bf), and Aunt Dot

I don't think he meant to be looking at my stomach, he just wasn't looking at the camera :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shopping Spree!

We were in Ocean City this weekend and had a great time. Friday night we went out to Fager's Island, but I didn't last too long. I definitely need my sleep these days! Saturday we planned on going to the beach, but the wind was CRAZY so we went to the Rehobeth Outlets instead. I wanted to buy some clothes for Luke just to get myself psyched up for a little boy, but limited myself to really good sales because I know I do not need to be spending lots of money on clothes when I have a shower coming up in a couple months. So, Children's Place had a few 1.99 and 2.99 racks that I tore up! Yesterday we did get to go to the beach and I got miserably burnt on my face. I was so happy to be baking in the sun that I was really stupid and didn't put on ANY sunblock. So dumb of me. I didn't take any pictures all weekend, nota single one. But, here are some pictures of Luke's new clothes!

I love the shorts/vest on the left! So dorky!!

Every single item in this picture is football related :) Starting him young!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sonogram Pictures

Can you see him waving?

He's waving again in the top one. The bottom one... his head/face is on the left, not a very good shot.

This one has a handy arrow directing you to what you're looking at :)

I think Tommy brought a good one of him sucking his thumb to work today, I'll try to get that one on here tomorrow.

It's a Boy!!!

It is definitely a Luke Steven Baldwin in there :) Tommy and I are so excited. Everything looked good, he was moving around like crazy and his heart was 157 bpm. I was so happy and relieved to see him big and active. Made it all that much more real. He was sucking his thumb and pulled his feet up towards his face a couple times. I'll try to scan the sonogram pictures in... I'm not going to lie in some of them I have NO idea what's going on and in some of them he has scary skeletor face, so I'll try to get a couple good ones in. He was being difficult, really didn't get any good face pictures. Can't wait to get started on that nursery now!!!