Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Odds and Ends...

This weekend was a busy busy one! Saturday morning I got to watch my two favorite girls, Katie and Claire. I have no idea how Sarah does it! Katie is 19 months and Claire is 4 months! If Katie hadn't taken a nice long nap for the majority of the time I was there, I would have been pulling my hair out! It was a nice preview of days to come :) We got paint for Luke's room and Tommy has gotten the trim and the top half of the room done. The top half is a baby blue and the bottom is a dark tan color. We also got some work done in the flower beds. Just a few flowers planted and mulch and weed killer put down. Luckily we had our niece and nephew there to labor with us :) I'm looking forward to the weather this weekend! It's going to be hot and sunny and I will definitely be having a mini cookout. Tommy's going to have some guys over to watch the NFL draft with him. It's the beginning of football talk for the next six months... oy...

I'm thinking about registering this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions? Things you can't live without? Things you got but could have done without? Any feedback would be much appreciated!


  1. If you register at babies r us, they have a "new parent" list that I used when I registered. Believe it or not, I found myself using just about everything on that list that I received at my shower!!

  2. If I can recommend ONE thing to new Mom's, it would be the "Angel Care Monitor"!! It's a baby monitor that has the movement sensor pad you put under their crib mattress that can sense the baby breathing. I slept much easier at night knowing that if anything did happen, I'd have a loud alarm going off in my ear! Nothing like peace of mind...especially after you're home with a new baby!