Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another OC Weekend!

Just wanted to do a quick post about our weekend at the beach! We arrived late Thursday night and headed to the beach on Friday.

I seem to always get a picture of Luke pointing with a shovel...

heading into the water with Daddy and Uncle Jas

playing football with Aunt Brit

collecting shells on Daddy's leg

Friday night we went to the boardwalk and Luke rode some rides! This is before the merry-go-round started moving... as soon as it started moving he wigged and Tommy had to hold him the whole time.

He also rode some fire trucks which mildly amused him, and the "fairy whip" which is kind of like a baby tilt a whirl. He liked it for about 8 "whips" and then was over it! Luckily he was the only kid on the ride, so as soon as that lip went out the operator stopped it immediately and let him off!

This was Saturday at Assateague. Baby AJ had a great time

and took a nice nap with her Aunt Katie

Sunday we didn't do much during the day and then headed to Katie's house in Salisbury for a cookout. Katie gave him a tiny ice cream cone. Perfect size for him!

Monday on our way out we stopped at the Salisbury Zoo with Katie, Chris, Amanda, Kevin, and Andrea.
Luke and me with a flamingo background

Luke and Daddy checking out the bear

getting acquainted with his new toys from the zoo gift shop.

We had such a great weekend. I was actually hesitant to go because I've been so tired lately, but I'm SO happy I went because our two beach days were perfect and relaxing and beautiful!! And, we had some really great times with our friends and family!


  1. Aw I miss the beach :( glad you guys had a great time and you were able to relax! I'm hoping to get back there for a second mini vaca before the summers over as well :)

  2. So much fun!! Luke is the cutest little beach bum ever.