Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meeting Maisy!

We headed to Colonial Beach to spend some time with Brandy, Ryder, and new baby Maisy today!!  She is so adorable!  My favorite part about this teeny tiny little chunk is her hair!  The pictures I’ve seen just do not show that it looks like little miss has already been to the salon and gotten some highlights.  When you first look at her hair it just looks like a head full of dark hair.  Look closely and you see lots of natural blonde highlights.  Beautiful!
IMG_3801 IMG_3799 IMG_3800

Luke and Ryder played well together, even though Luke totally has no concept of sharing yet. 

Then Ryder shocked and impressed us by reading Maisy Goes Shopping.  He has almost memorized the whole book! 

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  1. LOL I still can't get over him reciting that whole book...gotta steal that video for my blog. Thanks so much for coming to visit today and for the yummy lunch! Can't wait until it's my turn to come visit you & baby Dylan!