Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Luke’s Fort and Leo’s Tree

A few months ago Amanda linked me to a blog where a woman talks about children’s books and does giveaways.  When Amanda sent me to the blog, the book that was being featured was called Leo’s Tree.  I thought the illustrations were beautiful, and from what I could see of the book it looked like a very sweet story.  But, the craziest part is I thought that Leo looked alot like Luke!  I had kind of forgotten about it and last weekend asked Amanda if she remembered what the name of the book was and she said she knew the name of the blog because she still follows it, but didn’t say much else.  Then, later in the week a package came for Luke Baldwin!  Guess what it was?  The book I asked Amanda about!  How thoughtful!  Oh, how we love her <3


IMG_0674 DSCN1188

am I totally crazy, or does baby Leo look a little like baby Luke?

Thanks Amanda!  We love the book!  The blog is becomingsarah.com and she does great reviews of books. 

So, Luke’s new favorite place to play is pretty much under any table or chair.  His new spot is in the empty place in the entertainment center. 


IMG_0628IMG_0631  IMG_0629 IMG_0630

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  1. Gavin and Luke seem a lot alike. They are both such happy babies! I think Leo does look like Luke, thats too funny!