Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I’m so far behind, I know.  Since Luke’s first birthday we’ve been just kind of laying low.  He is completely off bottles now and is on sippy cups all the time.  He’s eating all different foods, but definitely favors fruit and any kind of cracker or bread.  He isn’t crazy about meat or vegetables alot of the time.  I’m not sure if this is something I need to worry about now, or just ride it out and wait to see if it passes.  Last Friday we had our first softball games and the first game didn’t start until 8:30, already past Luke’s bedtime.  Elaine watched Luke allllll night at the ball field.  He finally fell asleep while she was walking him in his stroller until we finally left around 11:15.  Thanks so much Elaine!!! 



Sunday we took Luke to the zoo for the first time.  He really didn’t care too much about what was going on.  Even the bright colorful animals and the ones who were very active didn’t do much for him.  We left around his naptime, thinking he would sleep the whole way up, but he only slept for about 20 minutes on the ride up, so I think he was pretty tired most of the time.  I have some pictures, but I’m pretty sure they’re on my small camera in Tommy’s car, so I’m not going to get them right now :)


bedhead- my very favorite thing  about Luke in the morning :)  

Luke knows where his nose is!  When we ask him where’s your nose? he points right to it!  He’s also giving lots of sweet hugs and kisses, blowing plenty of kisses, and clucking his tongue alot. 

But, on to the main news!  I mentioned that he took a couple of steps at his party.  A few days later he took a couple more.  Well, tonight he has taken 3-4 steps several times! 


  1. Oh my gosh...awwww...that brought tears to my eyes! I dont know why, lol, it's just so neat to watch them grow and learn!! Good job Luke!

  2. yay, he has his bat in his hand! Good job Luke!

  3. He is so cute! That is really good balancing walking and holding a big bat. He will be running around so soon!