Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Catch Up Before Christmas

This is going to be a major camera dump post. If you make it all the way to the end, then you must really love my family because this is a long one! :)

I just think this picture is so funny. Luke is really giving his "cheeeese" his all and Dylan is like "dude... why are you doing this to me?"

Thanksgiving was at my Aunt Dot's house as it has been every year that I can remember. Luke had a great time playing with his cousins. Here he is going down the stairs on his belly like his big cousins taught him.

Eating ice cream with TJ and Anna

Unfortunately this was our last Thanksgiving with my Great Aunt Dot. She passed away shortly after. She was 90 years old and has lived a very full life. We are going to miss her SO much because she was just beautiful and wonderful and loving and kind. I'm very thankful for all of the time we had together. Both of my grandmothers passed away long before I was born, and having Aunt Dot (my grandmother's sister) has always made me feel like I have a grandmother.

This is just a funny picture of Tommy and his soulmate Jason. They showed up at church wearing almost the exact same shirt- totally unplanned obviously.

We went to the Festival of Trees at the Jaycees hall, which we've done every year with Luke. Luke loves the big train set.
He wouldn't sit on Santa's lap without his Dad. And, he still wasn't too happy about it even after he had his Daddy with him. And he's picking his nose.

Random hat hair picture of Luke

Not sure what he was doing with that fork. Looks like I'm about to get stabbed!

Lauren's baby shower. Hanging out with Aunt Melissa

cute Lauren holding up her gift from Becca.

Bonnie held the party for my Mom's side of the family at her brand new house. Luke and Andrea are showing each other some cousinly love in the game room

Aunt Carrie and Dylan

my cousin Jamie's cutie pie son Charlie

Luke looking through the glasses that turn all the lights into snowmen. He kept saying "I see snowmans!"

The Hampton Girls' men

cutie in his Santa pjs

That is the teddy bear ornament he made me at school that made me cry my eyes out. I just love that my baby boy is old enough to make me crafts to treasure forever!

Our next Santa stop was the mall. I just LOVE this Santa. Even though it seems like Luke usually sees at least 3 Santas a year, I feel like we haven't REALLY seen Santa until we go to the mall and pay 20.00 for 3 little pictures :) He is just so sweet! So Luke spotted him, ran up to him, hopped right up, and then seemed just a smidge apprehensive. Once he got up there he kind of had this look on his face like "why did I want to sit on this stranger's lap?" But, he never cried or anything, and told Santa he wanted cars.

Our next party was the Wood family party. Luke had definitely warmed up to Santa by this point. This is some of the kids swarming Santa when he came in.

Makenzie telling Santa her Christmas list.

He did not want to get off Santa's lap! I had to keep going up to get him and telling him it wasn't his turn yet!

Luke tickling Khloe. He was saying "tickle tickle tickle, got you!"

opening his present. Then, he ran back over to Santa and told him thank you :)

My parents wanted to buy Luke a swingset for his birthday. I just never got around to ordering it, so I decided to go ahead and pick one out a couple of weeks ago. It came in last week and Tommy and Steve spent pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday putting it together. This is Luke in his new little playhouse for the first time.

He fell out of this swing and on to his head shortly after this picture was taken. Also, shortly after Tommy assured me he was big enough for a big boy swing. Psh. One of those swings is DEFINITELY being replaced with a baby swing for a while longer!!

shot of the whole thing. picnic table, lower playhouse, upper deck, rock climbing wall and slide on the back side, and swings.

Luke asking Dylan "you like that tree? Like that tree Baby Dee-yan??"

I know my tree looks funky with no skirt on, but for some reason my dog seems to want to pee on it when the skirt is on there. Jerk.

I'll try to do an update post on the boys next, but as you can see life is crazy/beautiful as usual!

P.S.- Can y'all believe Christmas is in 5 days?!?! I can't wait!


  1. SO excited for Christmas!!! Only 3 more days now :) And I absolutely love that swing set. Can we come over and play?!

  2. I made it to the end! Love hearing the updates and Luke is so funny!