Friday, May 8, 2009


Tommy and I are saving now for the nursery furniture and I've been shopping online and it is so... I don't even know what word I want to use! I want a crib, decent sized dresser, and changing table with closed storage like drawers or doors. Of course everything I love is way outside our budget, and it seems like every time I find something I like that's reasonably priced, it has terrible reviews! I'm starting to think that I'll get the crib and changer that I want and just get one of those little cubby storage units with drawers to put in his closet for now. The changer has three long drawers and a door on the side with two shelves. I mean, with such tiny clothes there's only so much room they can take up... right? Once he gets a little bigger, we'll get a real dresser. Does anybody have any ideas or stores or websites they suggest? Nesting is in full effect and I want that nursery filled up NOW! :)


  1. I actually got my furniture through Walmart! If you go back in my blog you can probably see pictures of the changing table and all...from Feb 08 when we set it up. I found the set I liked at Babies R US but it was expensive, so I searched for the brand and found out that Walmart carried it. And if you ship to store, it's free shipping! I would recommend them..we have Storkcraft furniture. Good luck :)

  2. Hey - yeah there was a recall on the brackets that holds the mattress. You can get the replacement brackets for them, but the new ones might already have them.

  3. Go to I went all over the internet looking for nice furniture, that wasn't way expensive and that also had good reviews. Penney's was the ONLY place I found and our furniture is awsome. I will put a pic up soon. I think my inlaws paid about $700.00 for our crib and dresser/changer. It's the "Bella" collection.