Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm being hassled to update my page! I don't mind at all, I love having people who care! In Luke news, I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and the doctor went over my ultrasound results from last week. Luke had some fluid on his kidneys at my 20 week u/s, which is why I had to go for another one at 24 weeks. Dr. Shonekan says that he still has the fluid, but that it looks like it's improved some, and she's really not concerned about it. As for a cause she said "it just happens sometimes." So, I'm trying not to worry. She says they'll just check him out after he's born and make sure it's not a permanent condition and make sure it's not something threatening.

I'm officially halfway through school! Cosmetology school is a 1500 hour program, and I just hit 750 hours. I'm happy and proud of myself in some ways, but on the other hand I think about how "over it" I am right now, and realize I still have sooo far to go. And going back after Luke arrives is going to be very difficult. I had an evaluation the other day and got very good written and verbal comments from one of my instructors.

Tommy started playing softball two weeks ago on a Charles County Co-Rec league. They play double headers every Friday at Laurel Springs and so far are 0-4, but looking good! Especially for a new team! The team is full of my friends and family, so I've had alot of fun at the games. I get waaaay more into it than I thought I would... I'm a shouter :) Here's some (terrible) pictures.

Tommy with a cute grin

Sarah and Chrissie

Lynsi keeping score

And just a couple of my favorite girls! Mama Sarah and Katie

the beautiful adorable Claire in a tutu!

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