Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boring Week... Except for Fight Night

I'm way behind in blogging, but there hasn't been much going on. Luke has had a little cough for the past few days, and doesn't seem like he's feeling very well so I haven't been taking too many pictures. I fed him rice from a bowl the other day instead of putting it in his bottle. He actually did pretty well. In the beginning he was spitting it out and making really terrible faces, but he seemed to get the hang of it after a while. So, I'm going to start giving him a little rice breakfast every day and in a couple weeks start giving him some fruit in the morning. This little punk is not even close to sleeping through the night. I'm wondering if it will ever happen.

Last night Tommy and I went to UFC's fight night at the Patriot Center. I got Tommy tickets for Christmas. We had a good time, although we didn't get home until 1! I think I'm coming down with a cold, so not getting much rest last night probably didn't help much. I can't really think of anything notable that happened since the last time I blogged, so I'll just leave it at that with a few pictures!

Peaceful baby. Not looking forward to the day when the pacifier has to go away.

Chunky butt after his bath. Isn't he getting so big?!

making funny faces at the fight

announcing the decision of the Lawlor/Simpson fight

Tommy with the Octagon behind him


  1. Oh my gosh, and I thought he looked like Tommy before. These pictures ARE identical!! Definitly a mini tommy!
    He's adorable! Hope you & Luke feel better!

  2. He looks more and more like tommy as the days go on! Hope you both start feeling better soon!!