Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sage's 7th Birthday

Sage is turning 7 tomorrow and I can't believe it! I've known her since she was an infant. Bonnie became Sage's nanny when she was two months old (I believe). Sage's mom, Tammy, owns a salon in Waldorf where I worked briefly and my mom worked as a receptionist for several years up until Luke was born. Our families are very intertwined, and I've watched her grow up from a very shy little girl who wouldn't speak to anybody, to a very smart little lady with a great sense of humor and a huge love for Luke! I didn't get any pictures of her with Luke yesterday because her and all her friends were running around like crazy and I couldn't catch her long enough to get her to sit down with him.

kids running up to Sage's room (Sage is on the bottom)

Sage and some friends out by the animals

looking at all the animals

making tie dye shirts

Sage and her Mommy

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