Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Festivities!

I have been so terrible about taking pictures lately!! But, to recap our weekend, Sarah and Brad threw their annual "Drinks and Desserts" party on Saturday. Everyone brings a dessert and a cocktail to share, and it's always so much fun. Luke came and got to stay up way past his bedtime, and then crashed in Claire's crib because she was spending the night with her Nana. Luke and Tommy went home around midnight and I stayed and proved that I'm old and should retire from drinking. Forever. :)

Sunday morning we headed to my Aunt Miriam's for my Mom's side of the family Christmas Party. It was a brunch because that time seemed to work best for everyone. My Mom has 8 sisters and 4 brothers! They're spread out in several different states, so on Sunday only 6 of them were there, along with many of my cousins. One of my aunts converted lots of Christmas footage from years ago from VHS to DVD and we watched it and laughed and laughed. Mostly at our parents hair from the 90s, but my Christmas sweaters and scrunchies as a child were pretty horrendous. We left Aunt Mimmy's, went home for a couple of hours, and then headed to Indian Head for the Wood family Christmas party. This is Tommy's Mom's family. This was the only party where I took pictures!

Luke actually sat on Santa's lap! He wasn't crazy about it, but he didn't make a peep! Maybe it's because Daddy was with him this time.

opening his present from "Santa." Thanks, Natalie ;)

Krystal: I want a car.
Santa: Like a real car?
Krystal: Yes, like a real car. That I can drive.
Santa: I think you're sitting on the wrong lap!

Makenzie and Molly. Makenzie gave Santa a hug and told him "Thank you for bringing me dis."

My amazing boys

We were in Potomac Heights and during the party Santa came through on the fire truck with all of the ambulances in tow and Luke LOVED it. They came through our neighborhood earlier this month and I was at work and missed it, so I was SO happy to get to take him outside and watch them all go by. He was waving and pointing frantically.

So that was our big weekend! Way more to come this weekend! Hopefully I find my camera charger! (I know, I'm a total loser.) Can everyone please say a prayer that the snow stays away long enough for everyone to do their Christmas day traveling?! I would be pretty devastated if we couldn't make it down to my parents house.


  1. I'm praying the snow stays far from us on Christmas too - we have snow on the ground so regardless it'll still be a white Christmas for those who want one =) and boy do I remember those days of the horrendous outfits and scrunchies haha unfortuantely my mom has documentation of this too lol!

  2. What...is it supposed to snow on Christmas??? Am I late or something? Maybe i need to watch the news tonight! Anyway, thanks for updating on handsome little luke!

  3. Awe, thanks for taking a pic of my girl! I know that is a special time for the Wood family and I love seeing what she is up to when she is away from me. :) I am going to steal it for her blog if you don't mind. :)

    Did Crystal get her car? LOL