Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Update

I haven't updated on Luke's development lately, so I just wanted to note some of his new skills.

I'm pretty sure he understands almost everything we say. When we tell him "let's go change your diaper" he gets up and walks right back to his room. When we tell him it's time for a bath he walks right to the bathroom. When we tell him it's time to go night-night he either pokes out his lip and runs for Daddy (he always thinks Tommy is going to save him) or if he's really tired he walks right back to his room and stands next to his crib :)

He is saying lots of new things like "thank you." The cutest thing he does with this is when he's disobeying and I tell him "don't touch that!" or "bring that to Mommy right now!" or "put that down!" he'll get a startled look on his face and say "thank you" because he's used to me always telling him thank you when he stops doing whatever he's not supposed to be doing. :) It's SO cute! He also says uh-oh, bye bye, wooooooow, right back... I think that's all. I'm sure I'm leaving something out.

When you tell him to "JUMP!" he makes a motion like he's jumping- knees bent, then springs up with his arms in the air, but he never actually leaves the floor. If you tell him to "get dizzy" he'll spin around a couple of times and then stagger around. I absolutely love his personality and love when he's silly and smiley all day long. He really likes to be home or at Grandma and Grandpa's. You take him out of his element and it takes a long time to get him warmed up. I'll have to work on that.

I'll have to post some videos soon. I've been slacking on the videos. I'll make sure to post some from Christmas.

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  1. Awe, I loved when Makenzie was his age. Its so much fun. Discovering the world.