Friday, April 8, 2011

17 Weeks!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning and everything looks great! Luke and I heard a nice strong heartbeat around 145 bpm, my blood pressure was good, I've lost a pound overall, and I talked my doctor into letting me go for my ultrasound at 19 weeks instead of 20! I told her I really wanted to know by Easter, so I'm going Friday the 22nd. We'll probably come home from vacation late Thursday night and then heading to the appointment Friday.
Here's what Alphamom has to say about week 17:
Your Baby:
  • Is about five inches long from head to rump, which is the EXACT height of the jar of salsa I am currently quadruple dipping into. Bowls are for suckers.
  • Has begun to develop the all-important adipose tissue — more affectionately known as baby fat.
  • Is hard at working transforming its skeleton from soft cartilage into solid bone. Get this baby a part on Heroes.


  • Possibly feel immensely huge and very pregnant, but your bump probably isn’t as noticeable as you think it is. People may hesitate to comment or miss it completely, like the woman last night who came up and handed me an alcoholic cocktail and seemed genuinely shocked when I politely refused it, despite the fact that I feel like my belly eclipses my shoes at this point.
  • “Normal” weight gain at this point can be anything between five and 13 pounds, although y’all know how I feel about the word “normal.” One book I read this week advised any woman who has gained more than 13 pounds to see a nutritionist and “be more careful”, while my doctor COMPLIMENTED me last Wednesday on not managing to gain a single blessed pound yet. I want to stab the world in the eyeballs with a fork right now, a little bit.
I'm still getting sick almost every day, but it's not a lingering bad feeling that sticks around all the time. I usually feel bad right when I wake up or after a meal, get sick, and it's over. So, I really can't complain too much because it's not like a nasty feeling all day every day.

Luke has been super cute lately, except I'm pretty sure we have a biter on our hands... that's not so cute. He loves to wave and say hi and bye to strangers at the store. He LOVES to be outside. Yesterday he helped me rake and bag leaves, and by "help" I mean every time I didn't have the rake in my hand he would drag it over to the fence and lean it up against it. He is saying new things every single day. I've been bad about taking pictures lately, so I'll make sure I get alot this weekend!


  1. Oh yay, so glad we have a date for the sonogram!! I can't believe you're still getting sick, I feel so bad for you :( But I know it will all be worth it in the end!

  2. Haha...funny little guy. He must not have wanted you to be working while you were pregnant! I hope that sickness goes away soon!