Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Saturday was my cousin Katie's bachelorette party. We had SO much fun. I was deemed DD and chauffered our party to Ingleside Winery. Amanda and I had made lunch, so we sat down and ate with a couple of bottles of wine and then moved on to the tasting. They tasted about 20 different kinds of wine. I tasted ginger ale :)

Katie and her future sister in law Mary Beth

Katie was trying to text her fiance "I'm feeling goooood" but it auto corrected to "I N feeling hookups." I seriously almost peed my pants. A little too much wine you think?

our group

MB, Bonnie, Amanda, Katie

Sunday we went to my parents house to celebrate my oldest sister Carrie's birthday. I didn't take any pictures because I'm awful, but Luke was so much fun and kept us entertained all day.

Yesterday we headed to the Greene Turtle for Nicki's "sprinkle." Everything was so great and Nicki was really surprised.

excited to get her bedding

adorable Jake Ryan

super cute mamas!

I think a newborn baby boy is a good look for her :)

Our group with the four pregnant girls up front


  1. So proud of you for updating so quickly! :) Glad I got to see you and Luke last night and catch up! Oh and can I just say that my belly looks like it's resting on Brandy's belly in that picture of us? haha...too funny!

  2. You were right by my house, I live like 5 minutes from ingleside!! Haha, nicki's comment made me laugh. Had fun seeing you and my handsome man lastnight :)

  3. I have read like four posts about the sprinkle and I love them all! So great that it was a successful surprise. Oh and funny story about auto text. That has happened to me once before since now I double check always. I text my friend if she had seen Gavins paci at her house that I left there and it auto corrected to "vagina paci" We were dying laughing and saying it could be a new birth control and Brad was ticked it turned his boys name into vagina!! ha! Anyways, looked like two great parties!

  4. It was good seeing you and Luke Monday night! He is just too precious :)

  5. I would have liked to have seen the text back after the hookups one lol too funny!! Fun seeing you and your sweet little man the other night =)