Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Showers!

I had two wonderful showers this weekend. Saturday was a larger shower at the Potomac Heights Community Center that my sisters and friends threw. I can't believe how many gifts I got. Everything was really cute and I had a great time. Sunday I had another shower because I have two cousins also due in August- me on the 17th, Jessica on the 23rd, and Julie on the 30th. So, my mom and her sisters decided to throw a separate shower for us all so that the aunts and cousins didn't have to come to three different showers! Unfortunately Jessica is stuck in Tennessee on bed rest, so she wasn't able to come up and celebrate with us. The Sunday shower was at the Royal Tea Room in La Plata and it was very nice. I know I had more pictures from Sunday, but something must have gone wrong with my camera because just now when I went to upload there was only one of me and Julie. I'll have to steal some from my mom or one of my aunts.

Luke's room is actually surprisingly organized right now. I got all of the clothes washed, separated, and put away. Toys went in my homemade toy chest from Melissa and Erin, kitchen stuff got sorted, books on the shelf, diapers in the closet. I also got his bouncy seat put together and the diaper genie put together (which was really nothing). Still have a long way to go... swing, pack 'n play, stroller, car seat, high chair. None of that stuff has even been taken out of the box.

The cake made by my Aunt Carol. It cracked me up!

hand painted toy chest that matches Luke's room!

quilt made by my Aunt Carol. It's beautiful!

Bonnie, Mom, me, Carrie

Tommy coming to pick me up

Luke's messy room

me and Julie from the Sunday shower

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