Monday, June 1, 2009


There's kind of a crazy thing going on on our street right now. Tommy and I are the third house in. Our next door neighbor just had a little girl last month. The house next to them (the corner house) is due August 13th, 4 days before me... with a girl. So the three of us in a row are pregnant. A couple weeks ago I was looking out my living room window and saw that my neighbor across the street is extremely pregnant! I got a chance to chat with her the other day and she's due July 6th... with a GIRL! Poor Luke. The first thing Tommy said was something about him having lots of girlfriends or all the girls wanting Luke or something like that and I said yes, that's a possibility ooooor... he might be picking flowers and playing barbies! Tommy says that is NOT a possibility :)

This weekend was nice and lazy. Friday Bonnie, Ronnie, and baby Leeanna came by because Bonnie needed her hair touched up. We hung out for a couple hours then Tommy and I laid around. Saturday we went to D.C. and went to the Holocaust Museum (Tommy had never been), went to the movies to see Angels and Demons, and to Carraba's for dinner. It was a gorgeous day and it was nice to get out. Yesterday though, I absolutely did not take advantage of the gorgeous day and laid on my couch for probably 80% of the day. I've only got a couple more months where that will ever be a possibility, so I guess I should take advantage now!

Everyone have a great week! I'll probably catch back up next Monday... I don't have baby things to talk about every day yet.

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