Monday, May 17, 2010

Odds and Ends

Just a little catch up from the past few days…

Monday was Tommy’s first day off with his new schedule working 4 10’s.  He enjoyed his day off with the baby.  Today was his second Monday off and I think it’s going to end up working out well.  It’s kind of an adjustment having him get off later every day, but since Tommy works on Saturdays so often, it’s nice for him to have a whole day with just the two of them.

Saturday after work I went with my cousin Amanda and Aunt Carol on a quest to pick out fabric for Amanda’s baby girl’s room.  Instead of buying bedding her Mom is going to make a quilt, bumper, and skirt.  We started out doing a little shopping at Ross, went to lunch at Mimi’s, and then went to JoAnn Fabrics.  Luke was an angel all day.  He was making the cutest faces and noises and was just a joy. 

Sunday we went to the Blue Crabs game.  It was Luke’s first baseball game.  He started off not too happy.  I’m pretty sure he had sunblock in his eyes.  Does anybody have tips for this?  I only put it on his arms and legs, and tried to be very careful about keeping it off of his hands.  He didn’t have any sunblock on his face, but somehow I guess it got transferred from his arms/legs to hands, and then to his eyes and he was not happy.  I felt so bad for him!  His little eyes were red and he kept rubbing them.  Our seats were in a very sunny section and I think that made it worse.  Plus, we were worried about him getting burned, so we moved to a shady section.  Once we were in the shady section, I think his eyes flushed out a little and the sun wasn’t making him squint and he opened up.  He’s been doing alot of talking and yelling lately. 

After the game we went to Chipotle to grab something to eat and I was reminiscing about the stages of eating out with the baby.  In the beginning it was leave him in his carrier, cover him up, and he’d sleep right through.  Then it was leave him in the carrier but he would wake up and want to be held the whole time.  Now, he sits right in a high chair and eats his own food and chats with us!  Such a change in nine short months!

Other things Luke has been doing lately are pulling himself up on everything and saying “dada.”  I still don’t think he knows who “mama” or “dada” are, but he is saying both of them now.  I can’t wait until he’s actually calling me that instead of just babbling it :) 

Now, the best part… pictures and videos!

This was one day last week after a nap.  His hair looked so funny I had to take some pictures


“Mama I’m having a bad hair day, now leave me alone!”



not too happy at the beginning of the game



Hey, this is kinda fun!

I love how in both of these videos you can tell there’s a distinct moment where he’s just “done.”  Not funny anymore. 

And here he is losing his mind over a Ritz cracker, something I’ve been giving him the past couple days along with his puffs and yogurt melts when he has a snack.  He does the same thing when I pull out the yogurt.  Sorry the video is sideways… sometimes I struggle with technology.

We’re leaving very early Friday morning for vacation.  Although I am so excited for vacation I can hardly think straight, I am also starting to worry about how I’m going to feel about leaving Luke.  I’m not worried about him being taken care of, I’m not even allowing any thoughts of “what if something happens?”  I’m simply thinking about missing his smiley little face for six days.  :(  I have a feeling that interspersing naps and cocktails throughout the day will hopefully help tuck these thoughts into the back of my  mind…


  1. He is so cute. Isnt it so great watching our men be Daddy's! Its a total different side to them. I love those videos. Baby giggles are the best! Have fun on vaca and you will miss him and talk about him alot too. There's no way around it, mommy!

  2. He is so adorable, Patty. Have fun on vacation.