Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I Never Thought I’d Let My Kid Do

*Play with keys.  They’re so dirty.  Filthy.  But when it’s the only thing that will keep them quiet… you win Baby Luke.

*Look like a ragamuffin.  But, when he won’t stay still and he has to wear something, sometimes he’s going to leave the house looking not so put together.  Last week on my way to school when I dropped him off with Bonnie wearing a ridiculous mismatched outfit I told her “don’t judge Luke’s outfit, he picked out his clothes this morning.” :)  Do you think it’s too early to use that excuse?

*Play with a pile of sale ads after I’m done clipping coupons and he pulls them all off the table and is having a ball.  I couldn’t take them away, he was having so much fun!!  They’re all cleaned up now… no thanks to Luke.  You win again, my little friend.




There are so many more things that I’ve thought “I would never let my kid do that” about, these are just the only ones I can think of at the moment.  Of course when I want to blog about something, my mind goes blank.  I just think it’s funny how perspective changes when you have your own child.  I never understood babies with keys and cell phones in their mouths until my own child disregarded all of his colorful, interactive, stimulating toys for a ring full of dirty keys. 

Last week I asked my Mom not to give Luke the unused electrical cord he had been playing with (it was a short TV hookup of some type) and the next thing I know, it had been replaced by a purse with a nice long strap very similar to his favorite cord.  My kid has a man purse.  And he just looooves to drag it around.  Aunt Bonnie put some blocks in it so he could tote his goods from room to room.  Tommy, naturally, is completely shocked and appalled that this kind of thing goes on at Grandma’s house. :)

I feel like everything has been very hectic lately, and I can’t even keep track of my days.  Friday evening we skipped Tommy’s softball games because they were late again and I don’t think late games are a good idea for Luke.  Amanda and I walked down to the water and back and I, again, almost had a heart attack and died.  Amanda is five months pregnant and barely breathed heavily.  Amanda found out today she is having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!  I had already bought so many boyish gifts because Amanda convinced me she was having a boy, but now I have big girly plans for gifts.  We are so excited!!!!!  Especially Tommy, who thinks that me holding Baby Girl Magill is going to immediately make me want to make our own baby girl.  He’s a very brave soul who’s ready to jump into parenthood again while I’m still recovering from this havoc wreaking little fella. 

Yesterday and today I had a hair show at the Baltimore Convention Center, which is where I officially graduated.  My last day of school was Thursday, but I still had 13 hours to complete, which I got by attending the show the past two days.  My Mom is out of town, so Luke stayed with my Dad’s cousin Margie and her husband Tom today.  They took excellent care of him and I didn’t have to worry even a little bit about him because I know they did everything to keep him happy!  He’ll be going to another sitter through Thursday, and then Friday we’re heading to Ocean City for the weekend!  I am soooo hoping to be able to take him down on the beach, but I know it’s going to be a handful of sand directly in the mouth, and then our trip will probably be over, but it’s worth a try. 

Well, this post ended up being way longer than I intended!  If you made it to the end… thanks for caring! 

Oh, two more Baby Luke things.  He has two confirmed teeth on the top.  There is possibly a third, but he is SO squirmy he won’t let me get a good look.  So, definitely two on the bottom and two on the top.  Secondly he is pulling himself up to standing position from sitting so well, especially on the couch.  He’s getting so big!!


  1. I made it to the end and loved every minute of it. Congrats again on your graduation! You are a great mommy and all those things arent bad. We all do them! You will let your second (that cute girl Tommy's asking for) get away with even more.

  2. Hahaha, I'm SO guilty of thinking I would never let my kid play with keys or cell phones, and now giving in without even thinking twice!

    Good luck at the beach! Ryder LOVED it, but definitely ate a few handfuls of sand. He was saying "numm numm" like he actually liked it! Hopefully he'll atleast let you stay long enough to get some cute pictures :)

  3. Cpngrats! So glad you are done. Maybe things will be less hectic now :) Hope OC is a great trip for you guys!