Sunday, April 25, 2010

Somewhat Lazy Sunday

Soooo… as my teammates know we didn’t make it to March for Babies this morning.  I don’t really have a great reason for skipping out, I was just really worried about the weather and I didn’t know what I would do if we got a storm in the middle of the walk, and I couldn’t leave Luke behind with Tommy because Tommy was cutting grass and trying to get stuff done outside before the rain.  But, I still wanted to walk.  I thought maybe you guys would feel me with you in spirit :)  I had planned to start walking at 9, just like the real walk, but Prince Luke decided to sleep in until just before 9:30!!  So, when he finally got up I gave him breakfast and we headed out.  I had planned to walk 5 miles, but after four I was DONE!  I am honestly glad that I didn’t go to the official walk today because me after walking down to the water and back was not a pretty sight.  I was truly embarrassed by what a huffing, puffing, sweaty mess I was.  Right past my street is a very steep hill, which begins the descent to the water.  It was a blast going down it.  I was borderline jogging!  On the way back up I almost quit.  Like I seriously wanted to sit in the middle of the street and catch my breath.  I am way more out of shape than I had ever imagined. 

Despite my ridiculous description of my walk, it was a good experience and I’m glad I finally made that walk that I’ve been meaning to do in the 2 1/2 years since we moved here.  I hope to do it more frequently.  So, I feel terrible for not going, and I hope Taking Big Steps for Little Feet had a great turnout and a good time!     

Here’s a few pictures I took when we got down to the water.  Luke LOVES being walked in his stroller.  He started out very excited, he was sitting straight up holding on to the bar across his seat.  Then he kind of starting laying back a little bit, and then was finally so relaxed he fell asleep :)





For the rest of the day we’ve just been relaxing.  Have you all seen the movie “Up?”  Oh my gosh!  Most depressing Disney/Pixar movie ever!  I mean, I know it ended happily but there was some serious heartache in that movie!  We’re heading to Marsh Hall for dinner with my family pretty soon. 

P.S.- I passed the first half of my state board test yesterday :)  Sooo close to finishing school, taking my other test, becoming licensed, and getting in the salon!!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who bailed out! I felt so bad, but I was worried about the weather too and decided at the last minute not to risk it. Guess we would've been alright though!

  2. Bummed you couldn't made it but you ended up walking farther than us anyways! The 5 mile route was shut down, so we all walked 3 miles. :) Much better in my opinion, haha. Congrats on your exam!!

  3. He looks so happy to be in his stoller.