Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy Saturday

Today Luke and I accompanied BOTH of my sisters in their hunt for the perfect wedding gown.  We went to Serendipity (the new place in White Plains) and David’s Bridal.  Bonnie is pretty sure she found “the one,” but Carrie still has some searching to do.  Luke was a complete angel and rolled right through his naptime with only a little fussing.  He gave his approval on a couple of the dresses :)  Then we went to the grocery store and came home to relax for about an hour before heading to Jason and Brittany’s.  Today is Brittany’s birthday and she bravely donated bone marrow to her Mom earlier this week, so she’s taking it easy and relaxing.  We brought dinner over from Ledo’s and then Brit’s sister Michelle and her family came over for cake made by her brother-in-law Jesse.  We stayed until way past Luke’s bedtime, so he crashed as soon as we got in the car.  Tomorrow morning is Tommy and Jason’s half marathon, so Tommy is in bed early tonight resting up to kick some butt tomorrow!

Luke… lay off the booze buddy!  Doesn’t he look drunk in this picture?!


Michelle holding Mason, Brittany holding Chase


Chase- 5 months old


Brit and Michelle


making a wish!


Jason and Brittany




Oh!  When Luke woke up last night (no luck in the sleeping through the night dept. last night) he was STANDING on the side of his  his crib!  It scared me so bad!  The crib was like up to his waist, so one little tip and he could have been on the floor!!  Needless to say, lowering the crib was definitely on Dad’s to do list today. 

It’s an early night in the Baldwin house tonight.  Tommy, Luke, and Krystal are all in bed and I’m watching While You Were Sleeping for the 100th time. 

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  1. I remember the first time I found Mikayla leaning over her crib rail too! Seems like I just lowered it and now she's in a toddler bed. ouch!