Sunday, April 18, 2010

Half Marathon Day

Well, today is the day Tommy has been training for for just twelve short weeks.  Maybe thirteen.  Anyways, not a long time for someone who has always been in shape, but has definitely never taken on anything this difficult.  So, he had really high hopes, but sadly didn’t finish as well as he wanted to.  He finished in just under three hours.  We are so proud of him and wish he was more proud of himself!  The marathon started and ended in Blue Crabs Stadium and we kept anxiously waiting to see Jason and Tommy round the corner into left field.  Jason came around that corner… but no Tommy.  My heart dropped.  I was so scared!  Turns out Tommy got a cramp and had to slow down somewhere in the ninth mile.  They argued- Tommy wanted Jason to go, Jason wanted to stay with Tommy.  He ended up going ahead without him.  Jason crossed the finish around 2 hours, 34 minutes and stayed down on the field until Tommy came through and he cheered him to the finish :)  Tommy has said throughout his training that he’s never running again after this, but since he didn’t do as well as he wanted, I think he’s already making plans to do much better next year.

patiently waiting for Daddy


patiently waiting for Jason


Jason heading toward the finish line



Tommy coming in with his best friend’s encouragement



don’t they just look miserable??  Well, they were.


Tommy and my Mom.  She made it 8 miles and we’re so proud of her!


Jason and Brit


enjoying an ice cold beer to finish off their 13.1 miles



Now, two Luke related things.  His top tooth finally decided to poke through!  Hopefully he’ll find some relief from the pain now.  Secondly, I forgot to mention that he’s now a pro at going from crawling position to sitting position.  He can crawl across the room, sit up and play for a while, crawl some more, sit up and play some more.  Very cute!


  1. Great job Tommy! I'm worried about walking 5 miles next week when you guys are running 13.... something to definitely be proud of!

  2. WOW!!! I definitely probably couldn't make it 2 miles running! ha, way to go tommy!! That is such a huge accomplishment!!