Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crawling! Crawling?

I need you guys to be the judges.  I know this sounds like such a stupid question, but is he crawling?  I know it’s not the traditional hand over hand, but he’s definitely getting where he wants to be with his Dad and Grandma cheering him on.  Also, please disregard the fact that the “prize” Tommy speaks of is an electrical cord… it was the only thing he would get excited about.  It is soooo time to baby proof this house.

Luke is definitely sick. He's still in good spirits, except at night time when his sleep is interrupted.  He hasn’t been running a fever at all, but his cough is starting to make me think he might need to see the doctor.  The past two nights I've been actually getting him out of his crib to feed him when he wakes up and snuggling him for a while before I put him back down. I haven't done that in quite a while. Usually I just pop a bottle over the side of the crib, prop it up with a blanket, and change his diaper while he's drinking. When he's done drinking the blanket goes back over him, I whisper a quick I love you, and I'm out as fast as possible. So, we've been having some nice cuddly time like the old days.
Tommy was let off work early Thursday because he had a "dirty job" in the morning, and he decided to surprise me by painting the living room, which we've been trying to get around to. But, he called me rather breathlessly around 2 and asked me to come home from school to help him finish up. We got it all done and I'm too lazy to take and post a picture at the moment, but most of you will be seeing it in a week :)  So, while we didn't actually get to enjoy getting outside Thursday, it was nice to paint with sunshine and a cool breeze floating through the window.
I'm so excited to see my family on Easter and to give Luke his first Easter basket and put him in a cute outfit. Although this beautiful weather is kind of throwing my sweater vest plans off...
Our niece Krystal is going to be staying with us for a while, and she moved in last night so just got her settled in tonight and then watched New Moon. Team... I don't care! :) I read all of the books, and enjoyed them, but don't consider myself a "Twihard." Wait, is that what the fans are called? Or did I just make that up? It doesn't sound right. Haha, I think this week has taken its toll and I'm getting delirious.

Here’s some pictures of my man yesterday.IMG_0290




  1. Aw yes...definitely crawling :). Watch soon as he gets it down, he'll be all over the house haha

  2. Oh my goodness, he is doing SO good! Wow, as soon as he gets going he's going to be FAST! You better get ready!

    And why do they love cords so much?! Ryder is the same way!!

    Sorry your sick little buddy :( Those coughs seem to stick around forever!

  3. Awe, I hope he starts feeling better.

    I have to work until 5 Saturday. Mandi is going to bring Kenzie so she doesn't have to miss out. I will head down after work. I am hopeing to get off early and hope to make it down before everyone starts leaving. : )