Friday, April 16, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

Pretty sure this week was one of those crappy "auto pilot" ones where it just feels like I floated through it in a sleepy haze. Not sure what's up. Actually, I think I do know what's up. I'm so burned out from school and can't wait for it to be OVER!

Luke has some very stubborn teeth that are causing him alot of grief! His little gums are so swollen and he pretty much tries to put his whole hand in his mouth to gnaw on it. He's been feeling a little better the past couple of days, and slept through the night again last night. I think that makes four or five nights in the past two weeks. We're getting there!

On Wednesday I put some grapes in the freezer for a while in the little "safe feeder" mesh bag thing and let him chew on them. I know they were nice and cold and soothed his gums and he LOVED it. He went through about 6 grapes sucking the juice out. Shortly after he finished with the grapes I noticed a rash completely covering him except for his arms and legs. It was on his face a little bit, down his neck, and all over his chest and back. Small red bumps everywhere! Hundreds of them. He didn't seem bothered at all, and was really tired, so I put him down for a nap and kept an eye on him. It hadn't changed at all when he woke up so I called his doctor. I told her that he had grapes for the first time, but she didn't seem to think that was the cause. She said to just keep an eye on it and if he became ill or it got worse to call them in the morning. It was a little better in the morning, and is completely gone now except that his skin still feels rough, but do you guys have any idea what it could have been??

Here he is enjoying his grapes... which he may not ever have again because I'm freaking out about the rash!


  1. You know, Kenzie got the SAME thing. She broke out in this crazy rash. I have pictures of it on the blog It was little red whelps. We thought she was allergic to something. Medicine didn't help, it just went away on its own. Maybe it's all the pollen? We never figured out what it was.

  2. I wish I knew and could help you. Dont you just love those mesh things! Brad calls it the chum bag! Gross! Gavin did not get that from grapes though. He has been eating grapes out of that for a month now and hes only 5 months old. He has had the same 4 teeth trying to come through since hes was 2 months old! I hope his teeth come in soon!

  3. Oh no :( I'm sorry to hear about the mystery rash! I hope it wasn't the grapes, because he really looks like he's enjoying them and I'm sure that feels great on his gums!