Thursday, April 22, 2010

8 Months

Luke turned 8 months on Monday and I haven't taken any new pictures since Sunday, so I don't have any new pics to update this post, but just wanted to post some 8 month stats.

*Luke is about 18.6 pounds and is in a size three diaper and 6-9 month clothes.
*He is very squirmy and is into everything he shouldn't be. In a room full of toys he will go for shoes, cords, and electronics.
*Changing his diaper and clothes is now a two man job. He immediately rolls on his stomach as soon as I lay him on his back. Will this ever change?
*He holds his own bottle most of the time now.
*He is very vocal and says "mama" and "baba" alot, though I don't think he knows what either of them are.
*He is sleeping through the night sometimes and has done it for the past three nights in a row! A record!
*He loves being outside and I hope he stays that way!
*I've mentioned before he's crawling, going from crawling to sitting up, and has pulled himself up in his crib a couple of times. (His crib is now lowered to a safe height!)
*He's much better around groups of people or people he doesn't know. Thank goodness! I wasn't sure I could hear him cry his way through another party or holiday!
*He apparently finds me telling him "no no" very amusing. This morning when I was trying to steer him away from Grandpa's shoes I would tell him no no and he would look at me for a second and then get a big smile on his face and let out one little chuckle before heading for the shoes again... I've got my hands full.

He's so much fun and I love making him laugh and seeing him grow and change every day! I'll have some new pictures tomorrow!

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  1. LOL him & ryder will definitely be best buds (shake & bake, haha)...I felt like I was reading a post about my own child!