Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Always Behind!

I feel like I should have my blogger card revoked or something!  I seriously don’t know where you guys find the time!  The worst part about this gap between my last two posts is that when I went to download my pictures, I realized I have barely taken any!  So, here’s what I have…

On Sunday (the 21st) my cousin Amanda and I went up to the White Plains flea market to get rid of junk.  I thought Luke was really good for being up early and outside all day.  I will definitely not do it again.  Totally not worth lugging all of your junk, unpacking it, and then repacking all the stuff you don’t sell.  From not on all of my stuff, instead of just some, is going straight to the Salvation Army.


Last week was just kind of crazy and then on Friday I left after work for Ocean City all by myself!  I met my friend TJ from cosmetology school and some of her friends for her bachelorette party, but they were staying in a condo and I was staying at our house.  I must say that I really enjoyed it.  Being in a silent house was extremely relaxing.  We went out Friday night, I slept in reeeeeally late Saturday morning, did some shopping Saturday afternoon, and then I headed home to watch a girly movie in bed before going out Saturday night.  As much as I enjoyed my “alone time” I was so happy to come home to the boys Sunday afternoon.  When I got home Luke was taking a nap and when I went to get him up from his nap he did not care that I was there. :)  Looked at me like “why do you keep going ‘HIIIII BABYYYYYY!!!!!’ in my face, Mommy?”

This week we’ve had to do some house rearranging so I’ve been trying to get that done and get to bed at a decent hour.  Here’s some more pictures from the past couple of days.DSCN1380

um… what’s that thing on your head, Dad?


Do you think maybe I could try it?




always reaching for the strap!!


cute Gap pajamas.  They say “take me out to the ball game”

Luke is either getting sick or has allergies :(  He has a runny nose and sounds congested.  He hardly slept at all today and I’m afraid I may have a long night ahead of me. 

Well, we have a busy weekend ahead, so I doubt you’ll be hearing from me.  But, I’ll at least try to take lots of pictures!!

Everyone get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather!


  1. Blogging is hard work and oh so demanding! LOL I am exhausted most nights when I finally sit down to do it. There are many nights I walk away from the computer after sitting down and say "eh, tomorrow" lol. I am with ya girl!

  2. I am not going to lie, I blog at work. I sit down long enough to email my pictures to my work email so I can blog the next morning. Otherwise, my post would be far and few between.

  3. I love baby bobble head pictures. They are the best! Luke is so handsome and cute!