Thursday, March 11, 2010

Catch Up!

Wow, so much to catch up on!  Not sure how I got so behind.  Okay, I’ll start at last weekend.  On Sunday we went down to my parents for dinner and Aunt Carrie came!  She was missing Luke like crazy and hadn’t seen him in a while.  They played all day and Luke was extra cute for her and a very good boy.  Sometime late last week we discovered Luke could sit up by himself pretty well with no help, so here he is showing off his skills on Sunday.


and playing with Aunt Carrie on the floorDSCN1329

we had him on a blanket on the floorDSCN1326

but he scooted…


until he could get it in his mouth, of course!DSCN1328

Sunday was also his first time in his inflatable duck tub!  He really liked it and looked like such a big boy!DSCN1316

Here he is getting messy with some lunchDSCN1312

and having a good time with Dad, as alwaysDSCN1323

So, the weekend was over and Monday was another long day at school, missing the boys like crazy.  Tuesday Luke took a nice walk outside with Grandma.  He’s only been in this little stroller one other time.  He was a little less than two months old, and I had to lean him to one side and shove a blanket beside him to make him kind of be able to sit up.  Now look at how he fills it out!DSCN0584 IMG_0250


When they got back Luke played with some of his big boy toys like his tool box and cookie jarIMG_0254 

Tuesday night we had a blogger mom’s dinner (I had to post the picture, I couldn’t be left out!)  Where the savvy bloggers informed me of Live Writer, which I’m pretty sure has changed my blogging life, so thanks girls!  I had a great time!


Wednesday Luke was a total sweetheart when we got homeIMG_0260 IMG_0264 IMG_0263


playing with Dad’s (clean) sock


he’s reaching for the camera cord here…IMG_0268

got it!


showing off TWO teeth!  Well, kind of showing off… against his will :)


Then we went to Aunt Carol’s for me to work on my quilt some more.  I have the entire top of the quilt sewn together.  Now I just need to add a border, the middle batting, and back, and then it’s ready for Baby Claire!        IMG_0271

Luke was really good and had a great time playing with Amanda, Carol, and Craig as usual. 


look at that man hand!  He is built just like a Wood! 


Well, I’m so happy that it’s Thursday and the weekend is so close!  We have lots of plans this weekend, and Luke is having his pictures taken professionally for the first time!  Well, sort of.  We’re doing them at Jason and Brittany’s, but they’ll be done by Brittany’s brother-in-law, who is a professional photographer.  I’m trying to find him the perfect outfit for pictures/Easter, and I’m having a tough time. 

I’ll try to keep up this weekend and take lots of pictures and blog as I go so I don’t have to take twenty minutes to do my next post!


  1. Microsoft Live Writer will change your blogging life. ha ha

    I cannot believe how much Luke looks like Tommy. He fills out the stroller pretty well now! They grow too fast.

  2. Yayyyy I'm so glad you downloaded Live you have no excuse because that cuts blogging time in half! I LOVE the pictures of Luke playing on the bed, ahhh I just want to squeeze him!

  3. He's so cute! And I totally want to learn how to make a quilt...maybe one of these get togethers needs to be a crafting one so we can all learn new things :)