Friday, March 12, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

So, I'm trying on Luke's different outfits I have picked out for his pictures tomorrow, and this foot...

(p.s.- can you see the lint in between his toes? haha)

...will not fit into any of these adorable shoes!!

Tommy picked out the "Jesus sandals" on the left, Melissa got him the middle pair, and Morgan sent the right hand pair from NC. I was so excited to put him in shoes for his pictures but no... that little pork chop foot doesn't fit any of them! Guess we'll have a barefoot baby for our photo shoot!

So, I don't want to "jinx" anything, but I must note that Luke has been coming pretty close to sleeping through the night for the past three nights!! After talking about my sleep deprivation woes on Tuesday at Outback, my mother reported the next day that he slept from 7 something until 3 something for her. That's pretty close. Wednesday night, he did the same thing. Went to bed around 8 (he was up a little late at Aunt Carol's), and didn't wake up until 3:30. Last night he went to bed at 7, woke up at 10:30 and ate a couple ounces, and then slept until 6!! Definitely seems like an 8 hour uninterrupted sleep pattern is forming! Please let it be so!


  1. lol, Caleb had those feet.. Could only wear Stride Rite XXW wide shoes, and that was after about 10 months old when he was starting to slim down some. It's like little chub-ball feet. They aren't just wide, they are thick too, runs in the family I guess! Ryan and Roz are the same way.

  2. Those little chubby feet are adorable!! :) I love barefoot babies though!

  3. OMG, his feet remind me of Bailey's! They are so chunky and they look like the toes need to be pulled/stretched, lol. Her feet ARE just like his!! That is so funny! :) I love those chunky feet.

  4. You and Bonnie were both flat footed little monsters and I had narrow feet. Mom could only buy us stride-rite as kids... guess it will be the same way for you :(