Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall/Halloween Pictures

Chrissie came over today to take some updated pictures of Luke and us.  I love them!! 

DSC_0398 DSC_0393 DSC_0395 DSC_0396

DSC_0414 DSC_0402 DSC_0411

DSC_0428 DSC_0420 DSC_0421

DSC_0445 DSC_0437 DSC_0440 DSC_0442

DSC_0458 DSC_0447

I can’t wait for the trick-or-treaters to start showing up!!


  1. I LOVE these pictures of him. Im going to print one for my fridge... Such a cute little burger too!

  2. Aw I love all your family pictures - Luke is so adorable in his hamburger costume!!!!

  3. I love the family pictures!! Ya'll are so cute :)