Tuesday, October 26, 2010


...where to begin?? Let's start with the star of this blog- Baby Luke updates.
*Luke is 14 months old and is wearing 12 month clothes and a size 3/sometimes 4 diaper. I, like fellow blogger Brandy, bought Luke's whole fall/winter wardrobe in size 18 months. What was I thinking? He can wear the shirts, but the pants just fall off of him and are 6 inches too long. Saturday I had him in a size 18 months shirt and vest with 6 months pants on him! They were a little bit short, but pretty much still fit from last winter!
*He still only says a couple of words (baby, something that sounds kind of like cracker, mama, dada) but it is very clear that he understands everything that we say. If you ask him to do something like put something in the trash, or go get a specific toy, he does exactly what you ask. It is so strange to realize he can understand us after feeling like I'm pretty much talking to myself for the last year!
*He shakes his head "no" no matter what question you ask him. I hope this passes soon because it's very confusing.
*To dance he shakes his head and flails one arm, sometimes two, around wildly.
*He is a full time walker and is getting very, very fast. He's borderline running.
*He goes to bed between 7 and 8 and normally sleeps through the night, but he just cut another tooth and now has a little cold, so the past couple of weeks we've had some frequent wake ups in the night.
*He loves his bat, his ride on fire truck, balls... and anything that's not a toy. This still baffles me. Pens, spoons, coat hangers, hair brushes, pretty much anything he's not supposed to have.
*He loves to brush his teeth, but he does NOT like to have the toothbrush taken from him afterwards. He wants to carry it around for the rest of the day.
*It takes him a while to warm up, but once he does he's very giggly and smiley. When he first gets around new people he has a very serious look and is very quiet. But after a while he opens up and laughs and plays and talks.
*He still uses his pacifier and I was kind of freaking out about when to take it from him, but after reading Angela's blog about getting rid of Carter's, I'm starting to think I should wait until he's a little older and I can explain to him and he understands.

Okay, so now on to what we've been doing this past month.

October 8th was Tommy's 28th birthday! We had softball that night so I brought cupcakes to softball and afterwards everyone went to Applebee's, but I headed home with the baby because he had wet through his diaper and we were unprepared with a spare outfit.

The following day we headed to Brian and Lauren's wedding! It was an absolutely GORGEOUS wedding. Beautiful centerpieces, lighting, lounge areas, s'mores and jiffy pop table to roast over the fire, candy bar. It was just perfect. Brian and Lauren looked great and we had SO much fun. My parents brought Luke back to their house around his bedtime, and Tommy and I stayed and partied way too late. Shew. We were feeling it the next day.

They literally didn't stop smiling all night

family pic. Luke ate alot of graham crackers to keep him content :)

how adorable is Katie in her tutu?! Each flower girl wore a different color

beautiful table

Luke looked very handsome :)

Tuesday, October 12th was my 26th birthday. We had dinner at my parents. Tommy surprised me with gorgeous diamond earrings. But, he actually gave them to me on Saturday so I could wear them to the wedding. He kept saying while we were getting ready "I really want to give you your present!" I kept telling him to wait, because I had no idea it was beautiful jewelry!! So he called my Mom and asked if she thought he should give me my present. She said yes, and when I opened the box I understood why! They match the Journey necklace he gave me for Valentine's day a few years ago.

October 17th was Bonnie's bridal shower. Special shout out to blogger Mandi who helped me secure the Community Center! Thanks girl!

table setup- flowers, mini pumpkins and gourds, mini pumpkin pies as favors, and cards to share a story or advice with Bonnie

Andrea and Luke are wearing matching outfits!!

Bonnie opening gifts. I have since cut Luke's mullet off.

Grandma holding baby Andrea


And for the final even for this month, Bonnie's bachelorette party was this past Saturday. We had so much fun! We met up at Sarah's, the bus picked us up, took us to El Dorado for dinner, and then we headed to the State Theater in Falls Church to see the Legwarmers. They're an 80's cover band, and we were in full 80's attire! After the show we walked to Becca's and then left Sunday morning. The Legwarmers were awesome, I highly recommend them for a fun night out!

our favorite Legwarmer on the right- Booty Jorts

my amazing sisters

To finish out the post, just some cute pictures of Luke from the past couple of weeks.

I love seeing what this child's hair looks like when he wakes up

wearing his halloween pjs... death grip on his toothbrush

he got into my laundry and apparently wanted to wear my pink tank top

Mommy, why are you making me take this picture?

Okay, sorry for the marathon post, but that's what's been going on in the world of Baldwin for the past month. I promise I'll get Halloween pictures up ASAP!!


  1. cracks me up about the toothbrush, Ryder is the same way! He brushes his teeth but then doesn't understand that the process ends! Can't believe what a little boy Luke looks like now! Such a cutie! And i feel you on the wardrobe...tops fit, pants fall right off!

  2. I'm also having the same issues as you and Brandy with our kids being small!!!! Melissa is very small!! She is 20 months old and is still wearing 12month sizes!! She can also still fit into some 6-9 month jammies and some pants!!!!! It's crazy, Harley and Derek were always out growing their clothes and had to always move onto the next sizes!! The problem I'm having now is that she's starting to grow longer and needs the 18month size but they are WAY to big (even with the draw elastic waistband)!!!!
    Luke is ADORABLE!!!!!!

  3. I love your pictures, you have such a good looking famiy =) Happy belated birthday too btw!!