Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So do y’all who read Kelly’s Korner remember when she posted about Blanche?  Blanche is a mannequin who was always posted in the back door of a house near where she lived and she was always dressed up.  Kelly posted about her one time, and intended to continue posting about her, but then the house was sold and Blanche disappeared.   The Blanche post made me immediately think of my parents neighbors who have a Venus de Milo replica statue on the side of their driveway, and always dress her up.  Well, when I went to snap a picture after I read about Blanche, she was naked :(  They didn’t dress her up all summer, and to my excitement today when I left work I noticed that she’s all decked out for Thanksgiving!!


She definitely needs a name.  Any suggestions?  Some of my favorite outfits have been a coconut bra and grass skirt, a back to school get up complete with backpack, and a red cape and holly head band for Christmas. 


  1. Umm, she looks like a Mary... or maybe even a Louise!

  2. Oh my goodness that is TOO funny!! I do remember when Kelly posted about Blanche!! This chic definitely needs a name!