Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week Recap & 10 Weeks!

It's been so busy lately, time is just flying by! Saturday I went straight from work out to dinner for my BFF Melissa's birthday at the Melting Pot. Tommy and Luke had lots of quality time together that day and Tommy took him to Hooters for the first time. :) Luke came home with an I <3 Hooters balloon that he's been playing with since. Sunday was just catch up day and running errands. Luke really needed some new shoes so we went to Kohl's and I did find a good pair on clearance there for about 8 bucks, so then I thought I'd go ahead and get him another pair since those were so cheap. We went to Famous Footwear and oh. my. goodness. I bought Luke two pairs of Stride Rites when he turned one and that's pretty much what he's worn since, so I've never really looked at shoes. I wish I hadn't realized how many adorable baby shoes were out there! I could not decide!! Everything was SO cute! I wanted to buy him like 6 pair!! I finally decided on these adorable little DC's.


He looks like a baby skater boy. There was a pair of Pumas that are still calling my name, though. Then, Jason (Dean) and Randy (Robinson) came over to run with Tommy. They ran four miles while Luke and I napped :) Brittany joined us and I made a big steak and shrimp dinner and we feasted to end a beautiful Sunday. Yesterday for Valentine's Day I came home to flowers from Tommy and Luke, both of my Valentines. Tommy had to dump all of the animal crackers into a Tupperware container because he couldn't find another vase in the house :)


DSCN1816 DSCN1815

Handsome Devil

Then, we went and had our taxes done. HA! I don't know why I find that so amusing, but seriously? Having your taxes done on VDay?? What losers. But, I'm not a big Valentine's person, I hate crowds, I hate waiting at restaurants, and it's a Monday. Who wants to go all out on a Monday? So, Tommy and I have vowed to have a date night before the end of February! Dinner, movie, the works. And now, here's what Alphamom has to say about 10 weeks: Your Baby:

  • Will officially be considered a fetus by the end of this week.
  • Is over an inch long, maybe by as much as 3/4 of ANOTHER WHOLE INCH. That’s almost TWO INCHES.
  • That’s about the size of a…hmm…*glances frantically around room*…okay, it’s slightly bigger than a really big coat button, but not quite as long as a AA battery. There.
  • Has a heartbeat strong enough to be heard via a Doppler.
  • Most congenital conditions appear before the end of week 10, meaning the most delicate and critical development period is over. You can breathe a sigh of relief over that, but…uh, I wouldn’t go celebrate the milestone with a bathtub of gin, or anything.
She also mentions how she cried over all kinds of stuff on tv. That has definitely been me this week, except it's the radio!! I have cried while listening to/singing "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry, "All American Girl" by Carrie Underwood, and I had an extremely emotionally charged moment with Boyz II Men "On Bended Knee" while singing at the top of my lungs and making hand/arm movements. And crying. I also sobbed at the show "One Born Every Minute" when it looked like one little baby girl might have a problem. But everything turned out just fine.
So that's it for the moment. I'll be back to update soon because my big boy is 18 months on Saturday!! I can't believe it! Tommy is off work Friday and it's supposed to be beautiful, so he's going to take Luke to the park. I'm so excited because Luke hasn't been to the park since he was too small for it. I think he'll have alot of fun at this age.


  1. Those shoes are so cute!!! I love buying shoes for Bryce, they always have such cute shoes! Your flowers are beautiful! Happy 10 weeks :)

  2. LMAO I can totally picture your On Bended Knee ballad! I've been crying really hard lately at TV shows...the most embarassing one was Jersey Shore the other night. Alan walked in and was like "REALLY???!!!" hahaha. Maybe that means you're having a girl!!! Happy 10 weeks, Happy Valentine's Day, andddddd Happy 1st time at the park :) I'm so excited our boys are big enough to enjoy the nice weather and outdoor activities this year!

  3. I love how Tommy improvised with the animal cracker container, too funny!! And I too cried when I saw that little baby on one born every minute - I'm a crazy emotional wreck, pregnant or not LOL

  4. Tommy and Luke were such sweet Valentines! Love the cookie jar one! I am with Brandy, I was totally picturing the boys II men rendition! You are hilarious as always!

  5. I LOVE those shoes!! Glad everything is going well - and what a big boy Luke is getting to be!!

  6. The animal cracker vase is priceless!! Good way to make the most of what you've got Tommy! :)

    Happy 10 weeks! Can you believe your first trimester is almost over already?!