Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exciting Things!

First of all, I am SO happy to announce the birth of Calla Riley Albrittain!!  She was born to Willie and Chrissie (our cousins/neighbors/BFFs) on Tuesday, February 1st, after very close to 48 horrendous hours of labor for Chrissie.  She is absolutely beautiful!! 

calla tomcalla
Secondly, we had our first doctor's appointment yesterday and got our first peek at this baby!!

It was such a relief to immediately see the baby with a nice strong heartbeat as soon as the sonogram began. 
I'm a couple days away from 9 weeks, so I'll go ahead and give that update.  Here's what Alphamom has to say:
Your Baby:

  • Is about the size of a grape, or perhaps a cocktail olive, the kind that’s marinated in vermouth and stuffed with blue cheese.
  • (Is not marinated in vermouth or stuffed with blue cheese.)
  • Has fingers and toes and eyelids and ears.
  • External boy and girl-parts are present, but won’t be really distinguishable for another couple weeks.


  • Have a uterus the size of a flipping grapefruit, lady.
  • *BARF* Again. Still.
  • With all the extra blood pumping through your system (about 50% more blood volume, actually), your body temperature may be a little jacked up — if you’re constantly complaining about being too hot or too cold, this is why.
I've been feeling really good.  I have had a little bit of nausea every day for the last few days, but nothing debilitating or anything, just kind of uncomfortable and gross.  I'm going to bed really early and feel like I could take a nap every day, but that's just normal stuff.  So far, I'm really happy with how this pregnancy is going! 
Not much else has been going on.  Luke has been really adorable lately.  He loves to talk and he runs around like a crazy man and is very very busy all the time.  Melissa got him a little pop up tent for Christmas and I stuck it in the corner of his room and put all of his stuffed animals in it and he LOVES it.  He dives in there with no fear and loves when we sneak in and tickle him and play peek a boo. 
We had a little Superbowl party on Sunday and had a really good time. 

DSCN1808 DSCN1797

smiley baby Andrea


Luke moving in on his woman Katie


and then putting the moves on Claire!

DSCN1800 DSCN1802

how stinking cute


Mr. and Mrs. Dean


I didn’t get pictures of everyone, of course.   Okay, well that’s probably it for me for another week! 


  1. So glad the ultrasound went well and you're feeling pretty good! Now please try to update more than once a week? ;)

  2. Calla is a cutie! glad the bew baby bBaldwin is doing good! Luke's the cutest thing! even in a Steelers jersey..

  3. Love the Daddy & Son matching jerseys...adorable! And SO glad to hear your appointment went well! Did they give you an official due date?

  4. Love the pictures! You're so blessed!!!

  5. Yay a picture of your little peanut!! Luke is such a ladies man ;-)

  6. Love to see the baby you are making...amazing! Luke and Tommy are so cool in their matching jerseys!