Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sonogram at 22 Weeks

Last night we had a 10 pm sonogram appointment!  My doctor’s office is right next to St. Mary’s Hospital, and that’s where they send patients for sonograms.  I guess at the hospital they have a tech there all the time, so she offered me the appointment and I took it thinking at least we won’t have to worry about a sitter.  I was just going to go by myself, but then my Mom offered to stay at the house with Luke while Tommy went with me and I’m really glad he did because I would have been soooo bored by myself. 

The reason for this sono was to get a better picture of Dylan’s spine than they did at the 19 weeks sonogram.  Well, he was still being stubborn, laying on his back, and not giving her a good shot.  To try to get him to move she tilted my bed so that my feet were really high up and my head was almost down to the floor.  Didn’t work.  Then, she had us walk around the hospital for about 10 minutes.  Didn’t work.  Then, she finally let me pee.  Totally didn’t work.  So, she got some pictures, and said she hopes they’re good enough, but they might be asking us to come back AGAIN! 

Also, by the end of the sonogram he was kind of laying on his side so she didn’t even try to get any pictures for us to take home :(  When I get to the office tomorrow I’ll scan in the ones from the 19 week sonogram.  All I have are two alien faces, a full body, and a gender.  No 3Ds and no good face pictures, but I guess it’s better than nothing!  And, I definitely have another appointment at 28 weeks, possibly before then, so hopefully we’ll get something there. 

Oh, and it’s definitely a boy :)

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  1. LOL Dylan sounds like he's playing games with you guys! But hey, you can't complain if it gets you another sonogram. Maybe next time we'll actually get to see his face!