Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Weekend In O.C.

Luke and I headed to Ocean City on Thursday night and came home Monday afternoon.  Tommy had lots of stuff going on this weekend and couldn’t come, but my parents and Melissa and Becca were with us.  We had such a wonderful weekend.  Friday was a great beach day and Luke is very content just sitting in the sand, filling up buckets with his shovel.  He does NOT like the water. 


“swimming” in the sand


going to fill up his bucket of water with Melissa

IMG_3736 IMG_3738

After a nice day in the sun we had dinner together and then Luke relaxed with MiMi (my mom has a new name… she’s no longer Grandma) before bed.

IMG_3742 IMG_3745

Saturday I left Luke with my Mom and headed to the outlets and picked up some awesome clearance at Carter’s for the boys, and some really good clearance at Bath and Body Works.  Then, I had a crappy pedicure and headed home. 

Sunday was back to the beach!


This is the only picture I took on Sunday- Luke getting the sand rinsed off of him by Becca.  He actually really enjoyed that cold shower but this picture doesn’t really show it.  I got “Scopes” done of him on Sunday and had a bunch of keychains made for Luke’s biggest fans.  They came out SO cute. 

It was a great relaxing weekend, and even though we missed Daddy big time, I’m so happy we got some time at the beach. 

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