Thursday, August 11, 2011

35 Weeks!

Your Baby:

  • Is over five pounds now, although these weight guesstimates will start getting very useless very quickly over the next few weeks.
  • Since most of your baby’s organs are fully functional and major developmental milestones behind him or her, the next month is all about weight gain. And since “normal” weights for newborns these days can be anything between six and 10 pounds, it’s hard to predict how big YOUR baby will be from here on in.


  • Are the very picture of motherly grace and beauty. Also: waddling.
  • Fatigue may be a big problem right now. You may need a daily nap, or find yourself crawling into bed by 9 pm. (I can barely make it to my toddler’s 8:30 bedtime most nights.) And while I’ve always seethed at people who love to cheerfully remind pregnant women to “Get some sleep! Once the baby’s here you won’t get any sleep!” I have to say…dude, get some sleep.

Alphamom is right on this week!  Definitely waddling, definitely napping.  I don’t sleep very well at night, but I certainly feel like I could fall asleep at any point during the day!

My blood pressure issues are back.  I’ve had high blood pressure for a couple of weeks now and went to the hospital for monitoring a couple of times last week.  My doctors aren’t concerned enough to put me on bedrest, so please pray for me that everything stays in control! 

And, just because posts with no pictures are super boring…


Luke had to be like his Daddy on his laptop :)


  1. Hope your BP stays under control and you dont have to get on bedrest! Can't believe in 5 weeks our last baby will be here! :) So exciting!

  2. Only 5 more weeks??!! Wow, I can't believe how fast this year has flown by for all of us! Sorry to hear about your blood pressure issues being back, I'll be praying for it to stay under control for the next few weeks. NO BED REST!