Monday, August 29, 2011

Crazy Week!!

Wow. So an earthquake on Tuesday. Never thought I would experience that! It was just my Dad and me here in the office and at first I thought it was an explosion, which we hear and feel here fairly often from Blossom Point or Indian Head or Stump Neck or wherever else they blow things up around here. Then, the rumbling just kept going... and going... and then the whole house was swaying. After it finally hit me, I was up and out of here SO FAST. I haven't moved that quickly in nine months! My Mom was at my house swimming in the pool with Luke! Thankfully they were just sitting on the pool steps playing, but she said it's a very eerie feeling to feel an inground pool moving underneath your butt!

Saturday was the much anticipated Hurricane Irene. Luke spent the night with my Mom Friday, so Saturday morning I had a luscious pedicure, ran a few errands, then packed a bag and headed to my parents. I had surprised Tommy with tickets the the Steelers/Falcons game in Pittsburgh. Tommy is a huge Steelers fan, and has always wanted to go to Heinz Field. When I bought the tickets back in April, the plan was for ME to go with him. I was thinking one last getaway before Dylan's arrival. Well, as the day approached I realized that I just wasn't up to going. I didn't want to make the long drive, and I didn't want to be a stick in the mud and not be very much fun to be around. So, I asked my trusty second in command, Jason, to go in my place. Jason and Tommy had a blast and missed all of the funky weather. I am really disappointed I didn't get to go, but it was just a bad idea on my part to think at 37 weeks pregnant I would want to take a 5 hour car ride.

We made it through the hurricane and yesterday I had to get out of here! I went home to see if we had any damage and to clean out the fridge and freezer. I had to throw a ton of stuff away, and we did end up having a big limb down on our fence that's laying in the neighbor's yard. Then, I slipped on mud in the yard and did the splits! Then, I went in the house and slipped on some water in the kitchen and AGAIN did the freakin' splits. I am seriously sore today. I am so done with being pregnant right now!!!!

I just want to give a HUGE thank you to my parents for housing us this weekend, and helping to take care of Luke when I was tired and disabled, and for just being there for my family always!

I can't wait to get home this afternoon. My parents have a generator, which is why we've stayed here, but the generator isn't powerful enough to run the a.c., and the past couple nights have just been too hot for me to handle!! I had a 1 a.m. mini nervous breakdown last night when I couldn't sleep. Our power came back yesterday evening, but Tommy was working overtime and with the two spills I took and how sore I was, I figured I'd better just stay here for another night. I just want to be in my bed, with my fan blowing full blast on me!

Okay, I think that's enough whining and moaning for one post! I just have to keep repeating my little mantra. Two and a half weeks or less... two and a half weeks OR LESS!! Can't wait 'til Thursday when I can dump that "and a half" and it's just two weeks or less!

Also, remember my friend Lindi from Luke's birthday party? Or, even if you didn't get to meet her, follow her blog!


  1. SWEET SHOUT OUT! Moan on woman, you have two weeks left and we all know that those are the hardest! Just knowing that any minute he could decide to do a jail break...and hoping he attempts it.

  2. LOL - as always your post made me laugh! This week has definitely been a crazy one, I'm sorry you had a few extra incidents to make yours even worse! Only a couple more weeks and you'll be holding that sweet baby boy in your arms thinking "Maybe we could have one more!"