Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Year Well Visit

Luke had his doctor’s appointment today, and he’s 25 lbs (25th percentile) and 31.5” long (10th percentile).  Dr. Brown said he looks great.  I meant to take some pictures yesterday and didn’t get to it, so here’s a video of him taking his first spin on his trike in the Mimi’s parking lot.


Now, just a couple things I want to remember…

Luke has been saying “no, I didn’t” alot lately.  Usually in response to the question “Luke, did you poop?”

There have been balloons around since his birthday weekend and one morning he came in the living room with a balloon while the ceiling fan was on.  Before I could turn the fan off, the balloon was all tangled up and I screamed.  Luke thought it was hilarious and kept imitating me.  He would point at the fan and say “balloon (which kind of sounds like boom), stuck, mama, AAhhhh!!”  Now if you ask him “what did Mommy do when the balloon when in the fan?” he’ll scream and laugh. 

Saturday morning I woke up and went to put my diamond earrings in.  I hadn’t worn them for a few days and only one was on my nightstand.  I tore the whole area apart.  Dumped out the basket of books next to my bed, dumped out my nightstand drawer, pulled it out and crawled around on my hands and knees.  Tommy and Luke came in the room as I’m about to start crying and I said “I think he had something to do with it” and pointed to Luke… But it never occurred to me to just ask my 2 year old directly.  Tommy picked up my other earring and said “Luke, did you pick up Mommy’s earring like this?”  He immediately says “yes.”  Tommy asked him “where did you put it?”  He went straight for a little teacup votive holder I have and shook it and I could hear it jingling!  Tommy dumped it right out!  I was SHOCKED.  I can’t believe that he not only remembered where he put it, but actually told us immediately!  I just keep thinking about it and laughing.

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