Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School!

Luke headed in at 9:15 for his first day at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Preschool.  I gave him a quick kiss and they pretty much pushed me out the door really fast.  I stood outside the door for a minute, asked the school’s director if I needed to stay and she said “nope, you’re done!”  I peeked in at him one last time and he was heading over to play with play doh.  Then, I cried.  Since he has always been with my Mom it was so strange and difficult to leave him! 

His teachers said he did a great job except for transitioning from one activity to another.  He didn’t want to leave whatever they were doing to move on to the next task, but once he got involved in the next task he was fine.  He’s the baby of the group, because the deadline for turning 2 was September 1st, so he just made it by 2 weeks, but they said they were shocked that he’s talking as well as the other older kids.  That made me proud :)  The structure of the 2 1/2 hours is an hour of free play, then a story, then outside play (or in this nasty weather they go in the gym), then a snack, and then a craft, and then they sing and dance.  I think he’s going to do really well!


about to walk in


hanging up his bookbag and his teacher Ms. Stacey

IMG_3936 IMG_3938

showing me his lollipop and crashed about 5 minutes down the road


his craft!  The eyes are on top of each other :)  I got so choked up when I saw this!  I think I’m going to frame it. 


  1. Aww, how sweet!! Glad he had a good first day ... hope you're doing well and Dylan gets here soon :)

  2. LOL that is so cute!!! He looks so grown up with his book bag on :*(