Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Settling In

Everything has been going really well over here.  Dylan is a very content baby so far, and other than occasional fussiness he just  eats, sleeps, and checks out his new surroundings.  Nights are typical newborn nights, he’s up every couple of hours.  He doesn’t like sleeping in the pack and play, so I end up holding him in the recliner alot, or putting him in the swing, which are both habits I do NOT want to start, so hopefully I can figure something out soon.  I am already switching from nursing to formula.  I was really struggling, Dylan wasn’t doing great, it was stressing me out, and I just decided I would rather make it easy on both of us than push something neither of us want to do. 

Luke LOVES his baby brother.  He gives him kisses 20 times a day and wants to help by holding his bottle and holding his pacifier in.  I am so happy with how well he’s doing.  However, he has been having some major meltdown tantrums over nothing especially when he wakes up from his nap.  He wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and there is nothing you can say or do to keep him from entering an irrational hysterical state for 10-15 minutes. 

I am SO happy to have Tommy home with me until Tuesday.  Seriously, what would I do without this guy?!?!  He has been amazingly helpful with both boys.  He has kept Luke occupied and happy since I haven’t been able to do too much with him the past few days.  He also has taken a nighttime feeding with Dylan every night since we’ve been home.  I am such an emotional basketcase right now that I am seriously getting choked up typing this thinking about him going back to work next week. 

IMG_4052  IMG_4033

IMG_4030  IMG_4055 IMG_4056

Okay, now on to the new star of the Baldwin family


snoozing on the couch


He kind of looks like Dr. Phil if Dr. Phil were trying to grow a mullet


Is this normal?!  I feel like he is abnormally strong!  Wouldn’t the average newborn slouch into a little mushy ball when held up like that?  My boy is planking at 6 days old!


He loves holding his baby brother


Daddy intercepting to stop a poke to the eye


aaaaaand we’re done.

Some visitors from the past few days








and Godmother Melissa

And some Luke/Dylan comparison pictures.  I’m trying not to compare them so much, but it’s hard when I think they look so much alike!  Luke is on the left and Dylan is on the right in all the pics


I couldn’t find a good close up where Luke didn’t have a hat on


both with their arms crossed the same way


coming home


tummy time and check out the matching forehead wrinkles!

So, that’s it for us for now!  I’ll try to keep the blog up to date! 


  1. Sounds like everything is going great. Hang in there with the hormone crash...I know you feel like you're losing your mind with the crying and freaking out though but I went through the same thing. And it felt like it was so much worse the second time around! You made another precious little one, can't wait to meet him!

  2. Your family is so precious:) So glad everyone is doing good!