Wednesday, September 14, 2011

40 Weeks!

Tomorrow is the big day and I can’t believe it.  The range of emotions that I have been going through the past couple of days is pretty unbelievable.  We’re about 12 hours away right now and I’m finally starting to just relax and let all the nervousness and anxiety slip away and I am just so happy to have a new baby coming tomorrow!  I can’t stop smiling thinking about seeing his face for the first time!  When I picture him, for some reason I just picture newborn baby Luke, so I hope I get a huge surprise and he looks totally different! 

40 weeks

The side shot is obviously a better view, but I’m so disturbingly large in the side shot it makes me want to cry, so I’m leaving it off. 

And here’s big brother who finally got a popsicle for the first time all week for eating all of his dinner!  He definitely displayed his big boy attributes today :) 

IMG_3949 IMG_3944 IMG_3948

Luke is going to enter preschool at 9:15 tomorrow an only child and come out at 11:45 a big brother!  I really hope he adjusts well…

Thanks to Brandy who will be updating for me tomorrow!  I’ll give you all the scoop ASAP!


  1. Good luck girl!!! Can't wait to see Dylan :)

  2. Good luck! Praying for a smooth delivery and can't wait to see Dylan!!