Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catching Up... As Usual

This past month has been so crazy, and I know it's not going to get any more relaxed with the holidays coming up! Luke had a couple of really bad days this past week. He would have periods where he would just cry and cry. As soon as I start to seriously consider taking him to the doctor to get checked out, he seems to turn around and be fine. So, the past couple days he's been his normal mildly fussy self, nothing out of the ordinary. I really don't want to take him to the doctor unless he's really sick because I'm afraid he'll pick up something worse in the germy office!

Yesterday Luke and I did a little Christmas shopping. We were in Home Goods and he decided he wasn't happy in his car seat anymore, so I held him while doing the rest of my shopping... not easy! So, today when I wanted to do a little more Christmas shopping I made sure I had a shopping buddy. My sister Carrie went with us and it worked out because the stroller ended up holding our heavy bags and we switched off holding a much less heavy Luke :) I've gotten a lot of shopping done but still have quite a bit left to do. I saw a red satin Carter's dress in Kohl's that made me yearn for a baby girl like I have never yearned before. It was seriously so adorable that I almost bought it for my future baby girl, but then realized that a) I may never have that girl and b) there is no possible way for me to determine what size to buy for a Christmas dress. I can't believe future children are even sneaking their way into my brain right now. Must be the lack of sleep making me delirious.

I have two happy moments to look forward to at school tomorrow. Luke's coming! My Mom's bringing him to visit me and to meet the girls at school. The second happy moment is that I'm hitting 1,000 hours tomorrow!!!! 500 to go. It seems like I'm so far along, yet still have so far to go. I HATE my long days at school, but 9-9 twice a week is the fastest way I can get out of there and the best way to spend the least amount of time away from home. I will hopefully be a licensed cosmetologist by next Summer. I should graduate end of April/beginning of May, and then need to take my State Board Exam. I think that when I finally do start working in a salon, I'm going to really like the variety of hours. I like the idea of being able to spend some days with Luke, instead of just nights. Also, since most salons don't open until 9 or later, I'll probably almost always be able to put him on the bus once he starts school. One downfall is that I'll probably almost always work Saturdays, so I'll probably miss out on some sports activities and parties and stuff like that. Good thing he has a wonderful Daddy who wouldn't miss that stuff for the world! Okay, definitely starting to ramble, so I'll wrap it up! Hoping to get Christmas/family pictures done this coming weekend.

Look at that lip! Sometimes I can't help but giggle when he cries because he's so cute!

This is where all of his toys go now- straight to the mouth!

Chunky little legs and feet

laughing at one of Dad's silly songs

wearing nothing but a "pee-pee tee-pee"

I love this kid in a hooded towel :)

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  1. He is so adorable!! I say that on every one of your posts, lol. Congrats on hitting 1,000 hours at school, I know you'll be so glad once you're finally done!