Sunday, November 29, 2009

Super Slacker!

I've not only been slacking on my blogging duties, but also on my picture taking duties. I didn't take any pictures of my boy's first Thanksgiving :( Let's see, where did I last leave off... So, last Friday Tommy and I had an awesome date night. We went to Carrabba's for dinner and enjoyed a little baby free time. Saturday morning I went to Lynsi's to do a little holiday sewing. I
made a valance for my kitchen window and a stocking for Luke. I think they both turned out well, but my valance was just wide enough for my window, so I made another one so they would kind of scrunch, and the second one ended up being probably close to 2" longer than the first. I might fix it, but maybe I'll just leave it. Kind of gives it character :) Saturday night we went to Becca's "Turducken Party." She attempted to make a turducken (a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey... maybe not in that order, but you get the point), but it really kind of just turned into a platter of meat. Everything fell apart. Luke did okay, but I have definitely figured out over the past week that he's not a big fan of crowds or being passed around or possibly loud noises. Not really sure which one, or if it's a combination of things, but he seems to get really worked up every time we're at a party or family function. We had fun and I left stuffed! Sunday we just watched some football with Amanda and Kevin and hung around the house. Luke rolled over Tuesday night, and then my sister and mother informed me that he rolled over before then and they didn't tell me because they were afraid I would be upset that I wasn't there for it. Of course I'm not upset! I just wish they would have told me so I knew the exact date to put in his baby book. On Thanksgiving we went to Tommy's aunt's first for a couple of hours, and then went to my aunt's later in the afternoon for dinner. I didn't take any pictures! Luke even met some family he's never met before... no pictures. I know, it's horrible. Friday I had a girl's get together to kick off the holiday season and we did a little Yankee Swap, or Dirty Santa, or whatever you want to call it and that was fun. Saturday we just hung out and watched Funny People last night, which I thought was a good movie. Today we went to the Festival of Trees at the Jaycees Hall and then got our own tree! We got lights on it, but haven't decorated it yet. We also had Chrissie come over to try to take our family/Christmas card pictures, but Luke was not a happy camper and even though we got some good ones, definitely no Christmas card quality pics of Luke :) He didn't smile AT ALL! Not one smile! And we tried for about an hour. He was tired and super cranky. So, there's our past week, and here's lots of pics!

"Ma" (Sarah and Becca's mom), Shelby, and Luke at the Turducken Party

Lynsi, Baby Katie, and Luke

BK giving Luke a kiss

Steelers Santa today at the Festival of Trees- Tommy said this was the REAL Santa :)

The real Festival Santa... I was not impressed. Definitely have to take him to a different Santa to get a better picture. He was holding Luke really oddly and look at him! He looks miserable!

Festival of Trees

chillin, watching some Jack's Big Music Show

Smiling because the Redskins were winning. It didn't last long.

Just hanging out on my bed while I fold clothes

with his new crocheted blanket from his Aunt Ginny

one of our pictures Chrissie took tonight

and then he crashed...


  1. I love the picture of him with the blanket over his head, adorable!! I guess we're in the slacker club together as far as Thanksgiving pictures go :-)

  2. He's such a cute little stinker.