Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three Months Old!

I'm posting this super late after a looong day at school! I'm sad that I didn't get to spend much time with Luke on his three month birthday, but he got to see both Grandmas today and Daddy took very good care of him. I know he got lots of love all around. I don't have Luke's height or weight because he won't be seen at the doctor until four months. I'm going to try to measure him and weigh him this weekend though just to get a general idea. Luke's favorite things really haven't changed from last month- music and mobiles! He now has a mobile on his crib, his swing at home, his swing at Grandma's, and his pack and play. He is mesmerized by all of them. He'll just stare up and smile. He loves being sung to and he loves just hearing music. Tommy and I make up little songs all the time to get him to smile. He is so strong! I know I keep saying that, but this kid is seriously buff. He can hold himself up on his tummy without his arms. He tucks his arms up and just kind of balances on his belly while holding his head up high. He picked his pacifier up off the table the other night, which was the smallest thing I've seen him actually grab and hold on to. I was eating dinner with him on my lap because his favorite thing to do is cry at dinner time and not let me and Tommy eat together :) He just leaned forward and picked his pacifier right up. He didn't put it in his mouth, just kind of moved his arm around, but I had never seen him do that. Then he grabbed my napkin and rubbed it all over his face! That was the second time he's done that with a napkin. He hates being held facing you, and has for a long time. The only time I get to look at him while holding him is if he is sleeping. Then I might get to snuggle him for a little bit. Other than that, when he's being held he wants to be facing out! I'll sit in the recliner and put my knees up with the boppy pillow resting on my legs and prop him up and talk to him and sing to him and he lets me do that, so we do get a little bit of close face time, but he definitely throws a fit if I try to give him a little face to face cuddle while holding him. He likes not having clothes on. When we get him stripped down to change him or before a bath he just lays on his changing table and smiles and kicks and coos and just looks so happy and free. I guess it does feel good to get a diaper off every once in a while. He's bumped up to four ounces but is still eating about every three hours. Sometimes he'll give us four hours at night, but it's rare. I'm starting to get asked, "is he sleeping through the night yet?" all the time. My standard answer is "not even close." It's getting much easier, but I still have the occasional sleep-deprived meltdown. That's about it for this post! He's an adorable Mini-Tommy with lots of my characteristics and I would say my very favorite thing that's happened since last month is he's stopped being so stingy with the smiles! I love to see him smile and I get lots of them every day now :)

This morning before I left for school

trying to feed him cereal. It didn't go so well. I think I'll try it in the bottle next time.

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  1. Aww happy 3 months little Luke!! I'm having so much fun watching you grow...remembering what my life was like just 5 months ago!