Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Where were you when that baby was being made?!"

That's the question I heard at least five times at my cousin's wedding last night :) And, of course, all the related comments like "there's no denying he's yours, Tommy!" I don't mind, I think Luke's incredibly handsome, just like his dad. Maybe I'll get a baby girl who looks just like me next. Amanda and Kevin's wedding was beautiful and Amanda looked amazing. We're the same age and grew up very close and she plans on making babies right away, so I'm hoping that Luke will grow up with his cousins the same way I grew up with Amanda. Luke was a very good boy during the wedding and reception. We got there around 5:45 and left around 10:45 and he slept through most of it, but when he was awake he was pretty chilled out most of the time.

Bonnie, me, and Dad

my cousin Julie with Winston Tucker and me with Luke. He was born about 10 days after Luke

the Grandmas with the babies

Aunt Bon Bon and Luke doing the Cupid Shuffle

Amanda and Kevin dancing

I think this is funny because thats my Grandma in the maroon with her arms up

Amanda and Luke

Tommy and Amanda

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