Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nothing Special…

Just a normal night at home, but I’ve been following Luke around with the camera, which happens less and less frequently around here lately!

Tonight Luke ate a larger variety of foods than he EVER has.  He ate every single thing Tommy and I had for dinner!  Pork chops, baked apples, green beans, and mashed potatoes


please excuse the hat hair :)

DSCN1762_thumb DSCN1763_thumb DSCN1764_thumb

his cute little giggle.  melts my heart!

playing with Big Foot.  Given to Luke, but enjoyed mostly by Daddy :)

Okay, well that’s all for tonight!  The boy has been bathed


I made the color orange with his tablets… I think I only like it when it’s blue…



and tucked in in his Spider Man pajamas (with double pacifiers for comfort… I’m clearly doing awesome with weaning…)


and I’m going to snuggle up with the love of my life and watch “Easy A.”  Have a great week everyone!


  1. OH my gosh that bigfoot video is hilarious!!!! At first he was scared, but then he was like...I'll show YOU bigfoot! As if that sweet little baby face could ever be scary!

  2. LOL I just love that video with he and the gorilla or big foot, he's so stinkin cute!

  3. That is so cute of him imitating big foot...Tommy was cute too imitating it. Dad's are just little boys grown up!