Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Quite One Word Wednesday

It's Luke's six week birthday and my first day back to work, so I can't quite keep it down to one word today. This morning went really smoothly. His eating schedule worked out well- he was hungry around 6 which left me plenty of time to get him fed and me ready and out the door by 7. Grandma was in absolute heaven when we got there and I was happy to be back with my dad and sister. It's hard to go from seeing your family every day of the work week to sporadically here and there for three months. I had my first case of daycare provider envy today :) My mom said she got a great big open mouthed grin out of him. I've never gotten a smile that big... the first of many things I'll be missing out on. But, I got to go upstairs and give him hugs and kisses a couple times so I can't complain. He really liked the little activity mat my mom has and looking at everything hanging above him. I'll get pictures of him on it tomorrow. He's getting so big! Tomorrow I'm going to get on the digital scale at my parents and weigh myself and then weigh myself holding him to try to get an idea of where he is because it's driving me crazy not knowing what he weighs! Okay, well I'm going to go try to get some stuff done before I crash!

In honor of my mom's first day watching Luke I let her pick Wednesday's word and she chose...

a little smile for Grandma

checking out his new daytime friend

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  1. You're so lucky! I wish my mom could watch my baby, right upstairs from where I work! Your mom looks like she's enjoying every second of it :)