Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Chatter

This weekend has been really nice and Luke has been a great baby. There was a little concern in the hospital about his circumcision (sorry to put your business out there, Luke) and my doctor didn't feel comfortable completing it without the opinion of a urologist. We couldn't get in with the urologist until Friday and he said it looked just fine and completed the procedure. Needless to say Luke was a little fussy and moody on Friday, but he recovered really quickly. He slept great that night. Yesterday his Great Great Aunt Dot came to visit. He slept through the visit with her and his cousins. Then, we went to Marsh Hall for dinner. He slept great last night, too! I was feeding him around 10:45 last night and as he was finishing up I said "alright buddy, now I don't want to hear a peep out of you until 1:30 at the very earliest! Do we have a deal?" I looked down at him and he had a great big grin on his face like "yeah right, Mom." It was so cute... I love when he smiles. Today we went out to Target and the grocery store. He's been on a bottle for a few days now and it makes me much more relaxed bringing him out in public. So there's some highlights from our weekend, I hope tonight Luke sleeps as well as he has been! It will make me a veeery happy mommy!

With his sweet "Mommy" tat. Maybe one day he'll have a real one :) Do you see the wrinkles in my boy's big forehead? It makes him look worried all the time... but still adorable :)

Mommy and Luke watching the Skins game

Unfortunately Luke comes from a divided household... here's his Steelers jersey and his Redskins outfit. Both are too big for him at the moment!

Luke's first "1st Christmas" ornament from Aunt Dot. I love it! It has his birthstone, name, and birth date and is beautiful!

Luke being held by Marg and admired by Aunt Dot.

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